Headlines : 10th May

Today was another oppressive and sweaty day in North India. The temperature got so hot that John Abraham broke up with Bipasha Basu just to cool down a bit.

The Exit Polls conducted by CNN-IBN and The Hindu predicts a clear win for DMK in the TN Assembly Elections. This is in spite of Amma promising the youth that she would create more than 5 lakh jobs for them in the IT sector if she came to power. The youth in the state have sent a clear message to everyone. They would much rather prefer being jobless instead of missing out on watching the latest Thalaivar flick on SUN TV.

In a surprising development, Biranchi Das, the coach of child runner Bhudia Singh, has said he will go to the high court to protest the use of force by the state police which escorted Buddhia for a medical check-up. Damn!! Just when I thought innocent kids would no longer need to step into courts once the Michael Jackson trial got over…..

Did you know that the local court in Mumbai has allowed Praveen Mahajan, brother of the deceased Pramod Mahajan, to have home made food when in he is temporarily in jail? But I have a feeling that none of his relatives would want to enter the jail premises and deliver the food to him. I mean, we all know what he does to close family members, dont we?

Enough has been said and written in the media about the Old Guy in the US who went on an embarrassing hunting trip and ended up with a messy shooting incident that hasn’t really been resolved satisfactorily till date. So, no more talk about Kamal Hassan or Vettayadu Vilayadu.

There has been a lot of hype lately about India’s star batsman Sachin Tendulkar, turning to Hindu religious rituals to help overcome his career crisis. He visited a temple in Mangalore yesterday to perform the rituals. TheTemple Priests have traced the trouble to “Sarpa Dosha” or evil snake effects, which has been drastically affecting his batting of late. In an unrelated story, ‘Abdul Razzaq’ translated in Urdu means Evil Snake.

As you all might have read, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going to give birth to their child in Namibia, Africa. Jolie says that she loves the country as well as the continent and thats the reason why they are doing it here. Well, it seems her first choice was Egypt, not Namibia. But I wonder what kind of a reception she would have got in Egypt, with her reputation for being a Tomb Raider of sorts.

In a disappointing finale, David Blaine failed in his bid to break the world record of holding his breath for more then 9 minutes under water. Prior to this, he was submerged in a tank of water for 7 days. Doctors say that in attempting this stunt, he may have caused himself some irrepairable brain damage. I am not sure if it will make a difference to him. Think about it. If a guy willingly stays underwater for a week to break some silly record, its quite obvious that he has stopped using his brains to make decisions for a while now.



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