Headlines : 11th May

Its the hot news right now – Everyones talking about the Old Man who has won again despite all the odds after many years………….Yep, Michael Schumacher is back!

But seriously speaking, now that DMK are back in power, Mr Karunanidhi has lots of promises to keep up. For instance, his seemingly impossible promise to give 2 acres land to all poor farmers in the state. I dont see how he can manage this unless he is thinking of distributing the vast hectares inside the IIT-Madras campus to the poor.

The BCCI has warned the players touring the West Indies about not giving interviews to the press without prior permission. Further, Sehwag and Bhajji have been specifically warned not to give any interviews at all – especially in English.

The movie version of the Da Vinci code is releasing soon worldwide. This probably means that there is going to be another wave of millions of mindless idiots crowding the Paris Museum to personally check whether Mona Lisa is really Jesus with his beard and moustache shaved off !!!
I just dont get it.
Its a book of fiction. Why people believe any stupid thing that Dan Brown says in the bloody novel is beyond me.

Here’s something intersting that Kavya Vishwanathan, the Harvard sophomore, had said in an interview before she got caught for plagiarism and all that. It seems that for the last two months she wrote the book, she would sit in a corner of the college library and work on her book. Can you imagine that? I mean, how tempted must she have been……..all these books by various authors around her………hundreds of them!!! Must have driven her crazy….:-))

You must have heard about the ghastly incident in Germany where a guy has been jailed for life after he killed and ate his friend, an Engineer. To me his choice of cuisine makes a lot of sense. With threats of Bird Flu ringing all across Europe, I guess he simply reasoned it was better to play it safe and avoid any bird meat for a few days. If you want to call THAT Cannibalism…………………

The following two news articles contributed by Srivats 🙂

In a disappointment to TV watchers across the nation, David Blaine failed to drown last night. News has just come in that David Blaine’s family has sued ABC over not giving them royalty for producing the highly acclaimed emotional drama “Finding Blaine”.

The finance mister was seen walking from his house to the parliment yesterday. People figured out that since petrol prices are going to be up 6-7Rs, the finance mister itself couldnt afford filling up his amby. Later in the day the finance ministry spokesperson confirmed “no such crap” and told the media people that FM was just practising for next weeks “Walk the Talk”.



  1. If u ask me even raina and tendulkar shd not be allowed to speak in English. Atleast Tendulkar shdn’t be allowed to use the word, ‘boys’ !


  2. Ashwin said
    ..goood blog…I havent read the dan brown book but i did follow the copyright case regarding the book. the book bases its premises from some historical work done by some french researchers…


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