Headlines : 12th May, Saturday

Another hot and sweltering day here. In fact, the weather was so oppressive that Chennai-ites felt as sweaty and uncomfortable as Greg Chappell at Saurav Ganguly’s birthday party.

Have some bad news to start off with. Looks as if there could be a hike in the price of petrol and Diesel by almost 5-10 rupees per litre. I am not sure if my dad can afford giving me money for petrol anymore. To tell you the truth, he has been dropping hints like – ‘ That Budhia Singh kid, he must be a blessing to his parents……I wonder how he is able to run 40 miles on the go…….I dont think it is THAT difficult, if a child can do it”. I am really worried as I can see where he is going with this !!!

The US has a lot of enemies as we all know. Iran being one of them. Earlier this week, the Iranian President sent George Bush a strongly worded 18-page lettercondeming the US. It was embarassing for Bush, when he innocently asked -” Dint we just bomb this country and capture its ruler? Where’s this letter coming from all of a sudden? “. Condi Rice gently pointed out to him that THAT was Iraq, and THIS was Iran. Two different countries. Nervous laughter followed. From Bush.

Everyone in India is ecstatic about the state of the stock market. The Sensex is on a bull run and is racing fast towards the 13,000 mark. But Stock Analysts are wary and worried. They feel that reaching the13,000 barrier is easy, but to carry on from there would be very difficult.
If you dont trust them, take a look at Tendulkars’ case. He’s been stuck around the 13,000 mark for years now with hardly any upward movement :-))

Something to think about. An Immigration Bill that could provide millions of illegal immigrants a chance to become recognised American citizens has been revived. Yesterday, the Senate leaders reached a deal and said they’ll try to pass the bill before Memorial Day. A lot of Americans are not happy with this development. Well, if its any consolation to them, the next time a 9/11 happens, it will technically be an ‘American’ who did it, rather than someone from a Middle Eastern country.

The US is facing a crisis with the price of oil going up everyday. To rub salt into American’s wounds, it seems that in nearby oil-rich Venezuela, petrol costs less than water. That must be a strange situation for Venezuelans. It costs them more to clean their cars than keep them running!!!!

I am sure all of you have heard the disturbing news. Britney Spears is pregnant again with her second child. She revealed this on her appearance in the David Lettterman show last night. She even joked about it saying that it was ‘ Baby one more time’ for her. I am thinking a much more appropriate song would be ‘Oops, I did it again’ !!!!!

The following two news articles contributed by Srivats 🙂

Amma is apparently very cool with the election defeat. So cool that Coco-Cola has signed her for a ‘Tanda Politics’ ad campaign. Atleast they dont need to stuff pebble in her cheeks to make here look like a chink.

Rediff has gone on to call Karunanidhi the Comeback Kid.Thats what they have been calling Agassi for the last ten years !!!


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