Mothers Day news !

I am sure everyone is aware yesterday was Mothers Day. Or as they call it in Hyderabad, a day when all the children in the US decide to call their mothers in India and ask them to send fresh stocks of pickles.

Everywhere around the world, Mothers had a grand time. Except in Tamil Nadu, where ‘Amma’ had to play second fiddle to a Grandpa with a yellow scarf.

For youngsters of this generation, this day has a whole new meaning. Its a day when you can SMS ‘ Mom’ to 8232 and win yourself a pizza or a ticket to Dubai.

The spirit of the day got to everyone. Auto drivers in the city did not overcharge women. Policmen did not collect mamool from ladies. In fact, Eminem called his mom ‘a selfish bitch’ and let it go at that !!!

Actor Simbu wanted to give his mom something that no else had. So he gave her a brand new DVD of his movie ‘ Thotti Jaya’.

I had originally intended on gifting my mom some Gold Jewellery. But my plan was foiled at the last moment. Damn all of you who voted for DMK !!!

Saurav Ganguly was really keen on spending the whole day with his mother and helping her out in the kitchen with the cooking. Just like he has been doing for the last 6 months…… :-)))

Ashton Kutcher thought he had spent the special day with his mom. He was too drunk to realise that it was only Demi Moore he was hanging out with.

Kavya Vishwanathanhad touchingly dedicated her book to her mom. After subsequent unpleasant developments, she was forced by her publishers to change it to ‘ This book is dedicated to my mom and McAfferty’s mom and Salman Rushdie’s mom and Leo Tolstoy’s mom”.

HRD Minister Arjun Singh threw a party at his house to celebrate the occasion. However, he caused some confusion when he added that 70 % of the seating at the party was reserved for ‘Mothers’. There would be no separate seats for the fathers and daughters accompanying the mothers. They would just have to manage somehow.

Maverick singer and lyrics writer Blaaze agreed to let his mom call him by his real name for a day. His actual name is Lakshminarasimha- Vijayarajagopalaseshadri. No kidding. Can you even imagine how painful it must be for his mother to call him “Blaaze” when she lovingly gave him such an orthodox Hindu name? :-)))

Esha Deol and her mom, the gorgeous Hema Malini spent the whole day shopping in Bombay. They were followed everywhere by fans who came upto them to wish Hema Malini a great ‘ Mothers Day’. However, the two of them decided to call it quits when increasingly many in the crowd mistakenly started congratulating Esha on being such a great mom. !!

Overall, there was love all around. I am sure that even Mother Earth must have felt the warmth with all the love in the air. Or at least, from all the industrial and automobile fumes that are polluting the atmosphere !!!



  1. Simbu was the best. You left out :
    1. Amisha Patel promised not to call for a life sentence for her mom
    2. Pravin Mahajan took a firm resolution that however strained his relations with his mother may be, he will not shoot her.


  2. nandita,
    Kavya is going to the butt of many a joke to come for sure in this blog πŸ™‚
    she better get mentally prepared

    my mistake πŸ™‚
    how could i left out Pravin mahajan? πŸ™‚


  3. I know I am late, but cudnt resist commenting! Very hilarious!Aja fans all over the world now have some respite! πŸ˜€


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