Headlines : 16th May, Tuesday

The heat wave in the North is affecting Pakistan too. More than a 100 Pakistanis have died last week due to extreme temperatures in the country. You know what this means for us. More terrorists relocating to Kashmir to enjoy a vacation from the heat.

Like the Doctors in Delhi, there are doctors protesting on the streets in Chennai as well. But this is not about the quota system. These are the doctors who have been assigned the job of keeping 83-year old Karunanidhi alive for the next 4 years !!!

As we all know, all 3 major contestants ( M. Karunanidhi, JJ and Captain) promised rice would be made available to everyone at dirt cheap rates. However, the public chose to trust Karunanidhi’s words. Wonder what they were thinking. Maybe they had a look at Jaya and Captain and reasoned that, based on the visual evidence, these two dint look like people who have always shared their food with others, do they?

I have often heard people say that ex-IIT students do a lot for their college but not much for the country itself – in terms of giving something back. Nonsense is what I say. Why, even in this Assembly elections, the government has made crores of rupees from the forfeited Election Deposits of Lok Paritran contestants. :-)))

Sachin is trying to get back his touch by practising in the MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai. Heres something ironic. In spite of their best efforts with the ‘promising’ youngsters in the country, 45- year old Dennis Lillee is still the fastest bowler in the Academy. !!

The following news articles contributed by Srivats 🙂

The Ambanis dint wait till Mothers Day to give their gift. They gave it six months back to their mom. She now owns two companies instead of one. !!!

Arjun Singh has apparently rejected a re-think on the quota farce. A fresh round of protests have started all over Delhi on the use of words ‘Think’ and ‘Arjun Singh’ together.

Two girls have been caught by the army while try to cross the LOC to meet their boy-friends. Is any body calling Yash Chopra to the crime scene ?

Is Bush Ready to Fire Cheney? asks a news article. The question should have been : Will Cheney fire Bush?.

The famed Cannes Film Festival has started. As you would all know this is the festival that invites Aishwarya Rai every year to participate in the “Palm de make an ass of thy self” category.



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