Headlines : 17th May, Wednesday

Another typical day in Chennai. People were sweating like Kavya Vishwanathan at a Megan McCafferty book-reading session.

The DMK have made their first decision after coming to power. Based on public request, there are going to pass a government order to allow persons of any caste to become a priest in Hindu temples. Its good to hear……………….. that someone actually wants to go to the temple these days.

Everyone’s worried that Iran is going nuclear. To stop them from going ahead with their plan, the European Union offered Iran lots of incentives, including a light-water nuclear reactor, in return for giving up uranium enrichment. To this, the Iranian President’s sarcarstic reply was – “Do you think you are dealing with a 4-year-old child to whom you can give some walnuts and chocolates and get gold from him?”. The EU leaders have however picked up something valuable from his retort ( wrt the 4-year old child mentality reference). They are now going to make the same offer to George Bush. And they are actually going to use candy and some cookies as bait :-))))

The ICC has released the cricket calendar for the next 6 years. India is scheduled to play around 70 test matches and 200 ODIs during the period. Chairman of Selectors, Kiran More is already getting mentally prepared to explain 270 more times why Ganguly still doesn’t deserve a place in the team.

The release of the movie “Pudupettai” has been getting delayed for while now. The Director, Selvaraghavan says it is to polish the look of the movie and improve it before the final release. I am thinking whats the use? There’s only so much make-up you can put on Danush, right?

Hillary Clinton in a recent speech criticised the American youth for not working hard enough. She had said that young people these days take things easy after growing up in a “culture that has a premium on instant gratification”. She later apologised to her daughter for using these harsh words. Hmmmm…..wonder where Hillary Clinton’s daughter learnt this philosophy of “Instant Gratification” from…. : -)))

Did you read about the Brazilian police’s exploits recently? They have tracked and killed off more than 100 local Mafia guys in Sao Paolo. And all of this in just a week’s time. Wow!! All these shots on target……..and the World Cup has not even begun yet !!!!

Looks as if the lead characters in the hit TV series ‘Sex and the City’ are keen on getting a movie made, based on the show. Its easy to understand why. Ever since the show was taken off air, no one seems to care about these girls. I dont think they are getting any Sex nor can they afford to live in the City anymore!!!



  1. Wonder if ‘Friends’ will be made into a movie. FYI, J’An doesn’t want to to come back to small screen but doesn’t mind acting in a ‘Friends’ movie!


  2. Machi,

    Your blog is super fun…i think i will rather follow this rather than the daily headlines…keep up the good work.


  3. “Kiran More is already getting mentally prepared to explain 270 more times why Ganguly still doesn’t deserve a place in the team”


    Hilarious da !!


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