Weekend News : 20th May, Saturday

Another disastrous day for the Sensex. ‘Sad Saturday’. It went down another 400 points. And there wasn’t even any trading today !!!

I am convinced Mohammad Kaif is one of the luckiest cricketers around. The Indians cant seem to drop him while the West Indians are dropping him all over the place.

The country is in outrage over the violence meted out to Delhi Medical college students over their anti-quota protests. The Police were involved in a mindless lathi charge that injured several students. But yesterday, a similar incident occured when the police lathi charged another group in Patna – quota supporters this time around. So who says our cops are not consistent? They are mindless and are easily provoked, irrespective of the situation. I dont know if I should be proud about this or not.

Did you know that a book written by Saddam Hussein in his native language has gone on sale recently? Its true. The book’s Japanese translator, Itsuko Hirata, says that Saddam has been grossly misunderstood and he is not the villain we think he is. Well……..can you blame the readers for misunderstanding Saddam? Its a Urdu book written in the Shi’ite dialect which has been translated into Japanese for heavens sakes !!!! It would be a miracle if anyone understood anything in the book as far as I am concerned : -))))

Here’s something too funny. There are going to be elections held later today for the post of Governor of New Orleans, the city that had been battered by Hurricane Katrina. I think this is the closest to a Democracy that the US is ever going to come. Considering that there are less then 75 people still living in the city, the “elections” could be over in a minute. Everyone comes to the city center. The two candidates would be the ‘the one sitting on the dumpster’ and ‘the guy standing next to the dead horse’. All those in favour of the ‘dumpster guy’ raise your hands. Ah……around 50 people……a clear majority……elections over…….Good night everyone :-))))

This piece of news is making a splash in the media today. Seems that a Chinese guy had a baby with an Indian woman in a first case of ‘trans-ethnic surrogate pregnancy’. Whats the big deal? So the baby is a product made in China with help of cheap labour from India. More than 1,700 Wal-marts in the US are oveflowing with items that match this description……………

Once again, Britney Spears is in the news for the wrong reasons. This time, it seems that she almost dropped her 8-month baby when she tripped while coming out of the Ritz hotel. Had the baby been dropped on its head, it could have suffered irrepairable brain damage. But I wonder……….considering the IQ levels of Britney and her hubby Kevin Federline, the child was never likey to make it to Harvard or MIT anyways. Maybe we are over-reacting to the situation.

The Mittal bidding saga carries on. To make his case stronger, the Indian steel maker has increased his offer to buy Arcelor to an astronomical $ 33 Billion !!!!! Oh my god…..The last time an Indian offered someone this much money, Mark Waugh took on an alternate career as Pitch and Weather Reporter.


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