It takes all sorts…..: 21st May, Sunday

Here are some real news stories that will make you wonder if man is really nature’s last word
( to quote PGW)

1. A three-year study at the PET Center at Arhus Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, affirmed that the designer drug Ecstasy can cause depression in pigs. I just want to know who came up with this idea… test it for 3 years on pigs……look at this from the pig’s standpoint. Its probably thinking these guys are gonna eat me up soon and all will be fine…..but noooooo. The research guys keep sticking needles into the pig for 3 years which probably resulted in insomnia……no wonder it is depressed….I dont think the drug had any part to play in the wholly understandable angst of the porcine creature.
Link here

2. Drawing heavy fire from critics in March was a Cdn$150,000 (US$135,000) grant from the Ontario government to researchers at Laurentian University, for the purpose of studying the sex drives of squirrels. Flying squirrels in fact. Not the normal ones of course. That would be a sheer waste of valuable tax-payer’s money. Flying squirrels make it all worthwhile, dont they?
I dont think any other species spends as much time thinking about sex as we humans do. And disturbingly these days, we seem to be excessively into the conjugal dealings of other animals. And with someone elses money – like these clowns at the University. That said, I am just glad that the Canadian Goverment has got its priorities straight.
Link here

3. A Russian pensioner has designed his own coffin to include space for his prized collection of porn mags. Vladimir Villisov decided to have a special coffin made after surviving a heart attack and realising he did not want to leave the magazines behind. Thats good news for him. But what about his sons? I am sure they are devastated on hearing this news…..being a Russian, a big inheritance is unlikely……the only thing they must have counted on through the years must have been this collection……and the old man takes that dream away from them just like that……there wont be a lot of crying around from these boys when the father eventually calls it a day for sure.
Link here

4. A Muslim couple in West Bengal have been told by local Islamic leaders they must separate after the husband “divorced” his wife in his sleep. Sohela Ansari told friends that her husband Aftab had uttered the word “talaq”, or divorce, three times in his sleep. This is when you know that your religion is really controlling your life. And what kind of a religion has stipulations that include mumblings during sleep? Most people cant speak coherently even when fully awake……
Link here



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