Headlines : 22nd May, Monday

Another hot hot day in Chennai. Things got so hot today that actress Trisha took a 3-hour long bath. And she wasn’t even being video-taped !!!!

The Sensex had crashed by a whopping 1100 points before lunchtime. Total collapse. It got so low that at one stage that it was 10 points below Mohammad Kaif’s batting average.

Overall, a disastrous day for the Sensex, where it dipped to a new low in the past 2 years. If it is any consolation, it was still higher than Bush’s Approval ratings at all times during the day :-)))

It seems the Laxmi Mittal doesn’t really understand why steel maker Arcelor is refusing to accept his bid to buy the company for a massive $33 Billion. On the last occasion when Laxmi Mittal offered this much money, his wife readily agreed to marry him. Its a formula thats worked for him in the past……now he’s all confused.

Speaking of formulas, the Govt had arranged for a GoM to find a solution to the quota issue. They worked for over two days to come with a ‘Formula‘ to satisfy everyone. And what is it? Just to keep on increasing the number of seats till everyone can get in. They needed a team to work two full days to come up with THIS formula?? In a way, its good that none of these ministers went to school or college. Can you imagine a professor trying to explain
E=mc2 to these clowns?

As usual, there has been yet another blast in Srinagar just before the Round-table peace conference scheduled for Wednesday. More than 50 civilians have been killed. However, President Kalam has said – “Such attacks will not deter the progress of peace process in Jammu and Kashmir”. Am I missing something or has the ‘peace process’ been taking forever to kick-off ? I am blaming the press for this one. They keep reporting blasts occurring everyday in Kashmir that its no big deal anymore. Less then 2 blasts and 10 people killed is technically considered a peaceful day in Kashmir. Anything more, and people start getting worried.

The ‘Da Vinci Code’ made over $220 million over the box-office weekend beating movies like Mission Impossible-3. This just goes to show that Tom Hanks is a bigger star than Tom Cruise. And I dont mean just in terms of size :-))
(P.S : I dont think Tom Cruise will reach Tom Hanks’ height even if he jumps on top of Oprah’s couch, like he is apt to do occasionally).

The following articles contributed by Srivats 🙂

Sourav Ganguly attended Buddhadev Bhattacharya’s swearing ceremony. More proof for the adage – “Let all the losers join politics”.

Fill in the blanks:
________heads south.
________’s short term recover likely.
________ tumbles after a firm opening.

One student answered Sachin Tendulkar, another answered Sensex. Both were given full marks.

Pudupettai is here finally. Selvaragavan has polished his product so much that now the movie and trailer run for the same time.

The US senate has finally passed the long pending bill to make United Kingdom its 52st state. Apparently Tony Blair isn’t too happy about being a governor. In case you have forgotten Wal Mart was inducted as the 51st state.

The Interview:
Karan Thappar : Are you Arjun Singh?
Arjun Singh: The parliament is yet to take a decision on that.



  1. Good ones. The fill in the blanks section can also be used to describe the fading effects of Viagara. So the blank would be filled by …..


  2. Saurav attending the swearing in ceremony-I dont think he wants to join politics. He wants to use his influene of CPI(M) over Sarad Pawar to get back into team.


  3. good one srivats…that interview has left me with a distinct curiosity to ascertain the color of arjun singh’s insides…people r telling me that it wont help but it might…u never know…


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