Headlines : 29th May, Monday

This post is dedicated to Srivats, the birthday boy 🙂

Collapsed. In ruins. In despair. Helpless……………..no, I am not talking about Indonesia or the earthquake……..I am talking about the Indian team that has lost 4-1 to West Indies in the ODI series.

The anti-quota protests are going on for more than 2 weeks now. The Delhi Doctors have refused to be satisfied with the PMs assurances that everyone would be happy with their solution. Understandably so. Being doctors, they have told hundreds of patients that ‘everything will be ok’ even when they knew the patient would wind up in the Obituary Column the next day. They are not going to fall for this trick themselves.

Now, IIT Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University students have joined in the hunger strike. Till their demands are met, they will not have any food or water…………………Only booze and dope. The usual.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has not yet recovered from his coma. Doctors say that an alternate long-term care plan has to be considered for him. The bad news : The long-term plan involves a casket and lots of sand.

The Pope was in Poland yesterday visiting the Jewish survivors from the concentration camps in Auschwitz. That’s touching, isn’t it?
But did you know that the current Pope is a German and was in the German army during the War? The Pope said that he was amazed at meeting all these Jews………..Of course he was amazed……..the last time he saw so many Jews, they were all naked and lying dead inside a pit .

Over the weekend, there were unruly scenes at the TN Assembly. There were mikes and chappals thrown about, foul language used and opposing party members came to blows…………….or as the Speaker of the House calls it, ‘another boring day at the office’.

Aamir Khan’s latest movie Fanaa has received poor reviews at the box office. The movie has been described as ‘awful’, ‘poor ‘, ‘ avoidable’ and so on. Maybe the Gujrat government deserves more credit than we have given them for banning the movie. Looks as if they care for their people afterall.

The French ‘Clay-court’ Open has begun. Federer’s biggest challenge would be the young Rafael Nadal. Nadal has beaten Roger every time on this surface. Its true what they say – Kids ARE better suited to play with clay………

The following articles contributed by Srivats :- )

Its Srivats’ birthday today. Or as his mom would prefer to call it – “The day when I made an ass out of myself”.

You guys know what day it is. It is Michael Jackson din’t molest a child – Cheney not shooting someone – no hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico – Britney Spears dint drop a child – Aishwarya not visiting Cannes – cartoons not been drawn – Jesus not having a child day……….. or in short, anti Times of India day.

I was Fanaa yesterday. I was so impressed by Kajol’s character that I wished I were blind.

British rapper MIA was denied entry into US for her LTTE political undercurrents in her music. Come to think of it, American rapper Eminem is still denied entry into his house for a strong emotional undercurrent is his songs.

Police have arrested a pegion in West Bengal. You know what’s the first question they asked – “Dada fan kya?”

‘I really feel that I should have been born in Meena Kumari’s time! What great roles the heroines got to play then!’ Esha Deol tells. We all agree Esha , but they were given great roles because they could play them.

Chennai students have topped 10th board exam results for another time. Hey they also made second in searching for the word sex in google. Good going guys, we are proud.



  1. Nice post.
    You know, just a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico wouldn’t make it a Times of India day. If the hurricane were to lift Angelina Jolie’s skirt right upto her waist and a close up of it were to be available, then probably, yes.

    Happy birthday Srivats.


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