Headlines : 30th May, Tuesday

A sizzling day in the North. It was so hot that Aamir Khan used the word ‘Damn’ a whole bunch of times. And he wasnt even referring to Gujrat.

The Supreme Court has gotten involved in the Quota issue. This probably means that we will drag this decision along till 2025 at least without any real progress. If the Best Bakery case is anything to go by, it could be even longer.

The Supreme Court has now asked the protesting students to call off their protests and go back to college. Yeah right, these guys dont even listen to their parents. As if an old man with a silly wig and a wooden hammer has got any chance……:-))

You know what, its like a vacation to these medical students. They get to bunk college, hang out the whole day with their friends, appear on TV……and their parents cant do a thing about it. If you ask me, these guys have no intention of going back to college again.

A fisherman in Kerala had a strange experience yesterday night. When lying in bed, he got the feeling that his wife was much stronger and sturdier than usual. On waking up, he realised that he had been hugging an uprooted tree trunk and some coconuts the whole time. Thats when it dawned upon him ………………… the stormy Monsoon season is upon Kerala again.
[Check out the photo in the link if you dont trust me.]

Sports. Sania Mirza has lost in the first round again, in the French Open. I think Sania should consider playing other sports. Like Boxing. At least in boxing, she gets to play a few rounds before losing. :-)))

Brian Lara has said that the absence of Sachin Tendulkar made a big difference in the ODI series. He is right………..had Sachin been there, we may have not even won the first match………………. he’s right. It did make a difference.

Entertainment news. Chris Tucker is going to play a doctor in the English adaptation of Munnabhai MBBS. So far,no one understood what doctors were writing…..now we can’t understand what they are saying as well.

Italian actress Monica Belucci is going to play the lead role in a documentary film based on Sonia’s life. For a change, the BJP is NOT going to make a big deal of the fact that an Italian is going to be at the helm of affairs.

A Himalayan Sherpa is in trouble for climbing to the top of Mt. Everest and then volutarily stripping and standing there for 3 minutes. Can you believe that? It must be freezing out there to say the least. On hearing this, Dick Cheney was like – ” Damn ! Naked guys on ice isnt that tough afterall …..let me step up the torture a notch….Abu Gharib, here I come”.

The following articles contributed by Srivats πŸ™‚

The DMK government has decided to scrap the anti-convertion bill. Basically Vaiko cant convert himself back to DMK.

Yash Chopra says bollywood lacks good writers.Bang on Dude, we all saw Fanaa.

A restraunt in England called “The Fat Duck” has been named the world’s best restraunt. Yes, even I had the same doubt but they dont serve Jayalalitha on plate.



  1. I think the people who voted for Sonia Gandhi to be among the top sexiest women would probably have seen the promo of this movie. If that was the case, then I heartily second the vote πŸ™‚


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