Headlines : 5th June, Monday

It was raining in Chennai over the weekend. It was wonderful. In fact, it was so nice that several housewives actually considered switching off “Selvi” and standing in the balcony to watch the rain pour down.

The Mahajan saga. The lab tests have confirmed that Rahul Mahajan had indeed mixed cocaine (or ‘coke’, as it is referred to) in his drinks at the late night party. Wow…….I think he took the Coca Cola catch phrase ‘Coke – Thande ka tadka ‘ a bit too literally.

Its funny. At first, we were told there was cocaine found in Mahajan’s pocket. Then after the diagnosis, the doctors said that Rahul had tested negative for drugs. Then, they have again changed their minds saying that he did take cocaine. Forget Rahul, I have a feeling some of these docs have been snorting the good stuff for sure : – )))

TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi is going to Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi and hold talks. (This is of course subject to him still being alive after a 2-hour plane journey. You know, only if he is still breathing…..else the talks are off. )

Btw, the 2-rupees rice distribution is underway in TN. It’s a crazy thing to do but they are doing it anyway. Since we taxpayers are the ones bearing the burden. Karunanidhi can afford to be generous with our money. What next? Petrol for 10 rupees per litre and gas stove for 50 bucks next year?

The Sensex is down again today following some profit-booking sessions. Hmm…..its good to hear. That someone is actually making a profit at the stock market these days.

Montenegro is now officially separate from Serbia and is an independent country. Great. Just great. So, now we have one more country who is going to finish ahead of India in the medals tally at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Its the last thing we needed………..

Did you know that Yahoo CEO Terry Semel makes only $1 annually in terms of salary? Yeah, thats right. One dollar !!!. The sad part : In spite of agreeing to such a low salary, his job is still going to be outsourced to
India. There are software engineers willing to work for less than that over here …..

One dollar……….can you believe that? I wasn’t kidding. I really know people in our country who work for earnings less than 45 rupees a year. We all know them well. They are the Bollywood producers who make Abhishek Bachan movies.

Some major upsets at the French Open yesterday. In the Women’s section, Maria Sharapova has been knocked out. The men dint do too well either. You know, like, Mauresmo lost in the third round.

Jennifer Aniston’s latest movie ” The Break-up” is a hit. It was the top movie in the US over the weekend. Aniston was pretty happy on hearing this. Afterall, this is her first hit since………since……..Season 7 of FRIENDS.

The following articles by Srivats 🙂

Vajpayee has said youngsters make mistakes when they are in bad company. He is not talking about Rahul Mahajan, it was his advice to Karunanidhi on his 83rd birthday to keep Dayanidhi Maran at bay.

Paswan wants 10% reservation for economically backwards apart from the existing set of quotas. The only solution I see is a state lottery instead of entrance exams and all that crap, Let probability decide I say.

Karunanidhi is meeting Sonia Gandhi to discuss the possibility of sharing seats with congress in the state . NDTV has dubbed it “When Karry met Sonny”.



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