Headlines : 7th June, Wednesday

Its back to being hot again in Chennai. People were sweating like Arjun Singh, going to the GH for a medical check-up.

The big news, uh? Petrol prices are up by another 4 rupees. But the good part. OBCs will get a 27% discount on each liter of petrol they buy.

Petrol is so expensive that Jayalalitha opted to walk all the way to the Assembly today.

Today morning, Sachin sent his Ferrari back to Fiat.

Its gotten so costly that John Abraham will be chasing the bad guys in a bi-cycle in Dhoom 2.

On to the Mahajan circus. The lastest news is that Rahul Mahajan has been arrested as soon as he was released from hospital. On the bright side, he can now spend quality time with his uncle Pravin in jail and catch up on stuff.

Speaking of jail, 3 children have been arrested in Bihar for stealing salt. Yes, salt. This should teach the young minds a valuable lesson. In Bihar, you can kill people, cheat during exams, be corrupt at your job…………. no problem. But if you steal a packet of salt, the entire police force will be behind you.

Its official. A survery has confirmed that Tamil Nadu has the most polluted air in the country. I guess its due to all the farts by the DMK government during the elections. You know, giving everyone free land, TV, rice and whatnot…………..shameless propaganda…..

The world is divided further. Serbia is now an independant country. Thats right. And the first thing that the new goverment is planning to do is start their own uranium enrichment plant : – ))))

You must have heard this. The US and the European countries are offering Iran massive benefits to make it stop its uranium enrichment program. The funny part – I dont think Iran has any uranium or knows how to enrich it. They are probably heating desert sand in a concrete chamber and calling it a ‘nuclear’ plant.

Sports. With some poor batting, England chucked away a golden chance to win the Test series against Sril Lanka. ….Wait……….am sorry. It wasn’t them ….it was Muralitharan who chucked……… sorry.

Aamir Khan has come out and told everyone that he is NOT sorry and he will NOT apologise to anyone for his words or actions. To clarify things, this is with reference to Fanaa, his latest movie………………………not the Gujrat issue : – )))

Brad Pitt and Anjelina Jolie are going to sell their baby photos for millions of dollars that will be donated to charity. The creepy part : Micheal Jackson has made the biggest bid for the pictures so far.

What a shame ! The three-armed baby boy that was born in China has been operated upon and the extra arm has been removed. Too bad. He could have lived every guy’s dream , you know……………..he would have been able to scratch his back, pick his nose and flip channels with the remote control at the same time………what a shame !!



  1. @ze zombie….thanks

    @PS….well yes, money could be a problem.If he only stopped changing his nose once every two weeks 🙂


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