Headlines : 8th June, Thursday

A typical scorching day in Chennai. People were sweating like Abdul Kalam running out of white hair dye.

Damn !! Petrol prices are so costly……..55 rupees……so high…….as high as Rahul Mahajan after a late night party.

The price of petrol is going up so fast. At this rate, it might catch up with the Sensex in a few weeks time.

Auto drivers in the city have decided to hike up rates by 5 rupees per kilometer. But wait………….this was even before they heard about the petrol price hike !!

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has clearly said that there will be no roll back in fuel prices. He said nothing can be done about it. “You see…..Sonia has made up her mind and as the PM, its my duty to obey her every word” – he told reporters.

The Sensex lost more than 400 points today to close at 9300 points. It sure is crashing down fast………faster than our MIG-29 Air Force planes into paddy fields.

Actually we may have done the police a disservice in the Rahul Mahajan case. It seems after he was discharged from the hospital, the police had asked him if there was anything he wanted to do. Rahul had replied that he wanted to be with his family and friends during these testing times. He was then taken to the local jail. Can you blame the police?

The Iraqi Prime Minister has ordered hundreds of Iraqi prisoners to be released from jail yesterday. This is based on sound logic you know. Since all is so fine and peaceful in Iraq, they dont see what big difference a few hundred ex-cons on the loose would really make. ……you know, its worth trying it out……

World Cup news. The Wayne Rooney saga. Turns out he is fit to play in
Germany afterall. Wow…….contrary to popular belief, England coach Sven Goran Erikkson is not happy on hearing this. He now has to come up with a new reason why England failed to clear the group stages. With Rooney injured, he was safe and ready with his excuse………….

A survey conducted has revealed that the I-Pod is more popular among college guys than beer !!!! Oh yes, more bad news for women. This means they are now a lowly fourth in popularity among boys. The PlayStation 2 is of course in third place.
: – )))

Germany is going to open a literature museum in Berlin. The aim of the project is to collect the best pieces of literature from all parts of the world and assemble them in one place. Wait a minute……………hasn’t Kavya Viswanathan already started work on this project?

Did you know that
China has blocked Google.com for citizens in its country? How unfair and autocratic is that??…………… To make things worse, the Chinese government is (wrongly) dubbing this move as ‘ The Great Fire-Wall of China‘.



  1. when do u get the time to put up such stuff.. i mean.. most of the software engineers in indian sillicon valley (called so coz of the suspended dust particles in the air) are either on bench or on the stool next to coffee vending machine. they are vetti too. me too is vetti for me being one of the many of them. hehe.. so y dont u reaname urself as “thevetti guy” .. oh no no no ..not the tamil meaning of thevetti..but “the” vetti guy?? willing to consider?


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