Editorial Column : 4th June, 2006 Funny and Weird News Stories

Here are some news stories that make you wonder why The Hindu is covering the elections in Manipur and Megahalaya when there are stories like this that are so much better……

An accountant in Florida named Tom Robinson gave his DNA for testing and guess what happened? Turns out he is a descendant of Genghis Khan !!!! Can you believe that?And then our own Kavya Vishwanathan decided to take the same DNA test. And not surprisingly, it turns out she is a descendant of the first Xerox machine!!!

The Dutch police have confiscated the car of a Dutchman who was caught speeding. Turns out the guy only wanted to dry his car after he had washed it. Wow…..even George Bush would have done better than that. I am thinking what would the poor dinosaurs who died years ago feel like on hearing this? They take all this trouble to turn into valuable fuel and it’s not even being used to go to office or in war. If this is the way he dries himself after a bath, I am sure he has his neighborhood pretty well entertained on a daily basis.

The Spanish government is fed up with its people not being able to speak English. So rectify the situation, it is offering its citizens up to 1,000 euros, or $1,300, each to study English. Nice…….Incidentally, George Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger have made discreet enquiries with the Spanish authorities to find out if the offer is open for them too.

The oldest surviving condom in the world has gone on display in an Austrian museum. Quite amazing. It was made in 1640 and is still in great condition. Britney Spears has apparently asked the Austrians if they are willing to sell it to her. It’s worth a shot……the new ones she bought don’t seem to be working for her. She’s been twice pregnant in the last two years……might as well give the old rubber a try.

An Indian has reportedly spent half a century living in a tree after a tiff with his wife. Gayandhar Parida has lived in the mango tree for 50 years now. His age is 83 !!!Soon he will be dead and let me tell you one thing…….this guy is a vulture’s dream. If you are a vulture, what more can you ask for? It’s only a matter of time before he calls it a day and its like lunch served in a buffet. Right there on the tree. No need to fight on the ground and stuff. Its about time the animal kingdom had something going for them, right?


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