Editorial Column : 18th June, Sunday The Football World Cup

This post is for Shyam who wanted something on the ‘flavour of the season’. The World Cup.

As we all know, ESPN is relaying the soccer world cup for us. But I dont understand whats the logic in having Harsha Bhogle as the host? Just because he some idea what football’s about? Is that why? In that case, how about having Monica Lewinsky as the next US President? She has an idea what it is to be in the President’s shoes. And pants. She might do a good job too.

I was reading in the papers that Argentina beat Serbia 6-0 the other day. Wow…..can you believe that? 6-0 …..people are not used to such scorelines…..unless you are an Indian following Sania Mirza’s games…….then you pretty much expect it.

There was Brazil’s match on TV today. The Brazilian team is carrying the weight of the entire nation’s expectations on its shoulders. And I am not even counting the excess weight Ronaldo is carrying around his waist.

In spite of all the criticism, Brazilian coach Alberto Perreira has faith in Ronaldo. He says he can still see the desire and hunger in the striker. He swears he saw Ronaldo finish 4 vegetarian Pizzas and a bag of potato chips without breaking a sweat during breakfast.

France is in real trouble. It has many star players, no doubt. But they are all old and huffing and puffing around. I think the only bunch of stars older than the French team is the Ursa Major constellation.

To give you an idea how old these guys are, the FIFA Referee was frequently out-running Zidane and Makele in the midfield.

There was the match between Croatia and Japan today. It was a tough tough match. For the commentator, I mean. If you dont trust me, try saying the names Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi and Atsushi Yanagisawa back to back without embarassing yourself……..

India is hopeful of playing in the 2014 World Cup at least. We are however heavily banking on FIFA to come up with a “Quota system” that favours the entry of teams without any talent whatsoever.

England is expected to win the tournament by many people. But history is not on their side, you know. The last time England won in Germany was way back in World War II.

Sir Alex Fergusson is really angry that England manager Sven Goran Erikkson is planning on starting Rooney in the Sweden game. In fact, he is so angry that he is considering reverting back to his kick-the-boot-at-the-guys-face days again.

As we all know, Fergusson famously kicked his shoe on David Beckham which led to his departure from Manchester United. Beckham was really upset after the incident. He was like – ” Its bad enough that this sort of thing happens at home with Victoria. Damned if I am going to have it done in the football field as well !! “



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