Headlines : 20th June, Tuesday

Yeah yeah, it’s another warm day in Chennai. People were sweating like George Bush trying to say ‘The US is issuing Iran an ultimatum on uranium’ without fumbling.

Another bus has been inaugurated connecting Pakistan and Kashmir. Do we even need to do this? Don’t we ever learn from the past? Why don’t we just fill the bus with people, roll a bomb under it and get it done with? It’s going to happen anyway, right? This way, at least the video coverage of the event will be much better.

Delhi has passed a Law that prohibits people under 18 to have alcohol. When he heard this, Rahul Mahajan was like – “Let’s leave my son out of this, okay? “.

You know why the Government is after Salman Khan and the Big B right now? It’s the same thing. ‘Black Bucks’.

An amusing news story. A mother duck and her 7 ducklings proceeded to cross the road at their own pace in Ireland and caused a large traffic jam. Spectators were amazed by the spectacle. They swear the last time they saw many ducks in a row was when Mohammad Kaif played in India’s tour of England.

Hrithik Roshan is nervous before the release of his next movie, Krrish. Actually, he and his dad are not sure if they should throw a couple more R’s into the name or not……..you know, have it as Krrrish or maybe even Krrrrrrrrish (like the sound of a bike starting).

Hrithik plays a superhero in the movie. He assures us it is much different to the other superhero movies. For instance, the hero’s main strength in the movie is his in-depth knowledge of Numerology.

Speaking of which, the next Superman movie is ready for release as well. The Director has denied claims that Superman plays a gay character this time around. He concedes that in the movie, Superman lives in Holland, listens to Elton John, loves ‘Will and Grace’ and the climax scene is shot on top of Brokeback mountain. But how the gay rumours started, he has no idea.

In spite of all the criticism, Oil company executives in the US insist fuel prices are still cheap. Well, sure……cheap when compared to the price of the car itself. But not so cheap otherwise.

What’s the difference between Saddam Hussein and Microsoft’s Windows Vista? Saddam could get released by the end of the year.

That’s right. The trial in Iraq is coming to an end. However, it’s possible we may have a hung jury in this case. Literally. If the Jury pronounces Saddam as guilty, he might arrange with his aides to have all of them hanged from the ceiling.

Bill Clinton’s voice recording is going to be used as the electronic tour guide for visitors at the Presidential library. It’s expected to be a big hit. The tour will start with a summary of all the locations in the Library where Bill and Monica did their thing without arousing the Head Librarian’s suspicions.

This tour could be an eye opener for Hillary in many ways if she takes it. Or she could read Clinton’s next book ‘Monicama Sutra’ instead, to see what all she is missing in her marriage.

Angelina Jolie has confirmed that she will adopt another baby soon. She says she wants to save kids in real trouble facing a life of uncertainty and hopelessness. In that case, she need not look any further than Britney’s son, Sean Preston. He needs all the help he can get right now.

The following articles by Srivats 🙂

A granny has waited eighty years to get her diploma degree. Lallu just made a phone call to Patna University and he got his Phd done.

The Jet-Sahara merger deal may never take-off. So do most of the Indian Airlines – Air India flights.


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  1. u know what?I seem to be missing the Ronalado bit here ..and FYI – its not Indian Airlines anymore – renamed “Indian”


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