Headlines : 21st June, Wednesday

Hi there……….. If you are reading this blog, you are definitely a good-for-nothing. A loser. Get the F#@k off this site!!

I am sorry if I was a bit rude there…….really sorry………….it’s probably because I just came back from my vacation in Bombay : – )))

Thats right. A new study by Reader’s Digest has revealed that Bombay is the rudest city in the world. As an illustration, they say if you try asking a passing car for a lift, the driver just spits at you and carries on driving. And I am not just talking about Sachin in his imported Ferrari here……..apparently everyone in the city is like that.

And if you thought things are rude now, it’s just gonna get a lot worse soon. When the Mumbai Metro service is inaugurated today evening. Can you picture that? Millions of office-workers trying to cram into a tiny compartment? Ho ho ho……you ain’t seen nothing yet …….it’s gonna get plenty rude in Bombay in the coming days.

Surprisingly, the same study says that New York is the politest city in the world. But only if you don’t count the office floor where Donald Trump and his cronies are filming ‘The Apprentice’, that is…………..Apart from this loathsome bunch, NY has the nicest people in the world.

And it’s not just the people. Even God’s other creatures are nice to each other in NY. Can you think of any other place where both CATS and rats have flourished together for such a long time?

Getting back to the regular news……………

A hot day in North India today. People were sweating like the HR Manager in Microsoft checking his Inbox for resignation mails.

This is funny………following Bill Gates and Robert Scoble, there is another high profile resignation at MS. This time, it is Martin Taylor, chief market strategist. I am thinking that this mass exodus is doing little to bring the elusive Vista release date any forward.

The Iraq situation. Japan is going to withdraw its troops from Iraq. Ditto for Australia. India is also considering doing the same. With all the bombings and ambush attacks, our soldiers feel they are much safer in Kashmir with their old friends, the Lashkar-e-Toiba.

A study has revealed that rich are getting more and more richer in Developing countries like India. Well, sure………quite possible……..if you don’t bother paying your taxes. Like the Big B.

You know whats the difference between Rahul Mahajan and the Big B?
Rahul has at least paid his debts to society.

Did you know that today is the longest day in the North India? Yes, it actually is. And trust me, it will seem even longer if you are sitting in your house without power the whole day. Like they are in Rae Bareli these days.

Now cinemas in Jharkandh are refusing to screen ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Do you know how big a loss this is to the producers of the movie? Estimates say it could be as high as 74 rupees. (I dont think Tom Hanks even gives a tiny rat’s ass* about this anymore……….he’s made millions of dollars from the movie already).

The Pentagon has now listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. Especially if it is with Sir Elton John………..in which case, one is listed as a masochist with a mental disorder.

It’s official. Japan has agreed to lift the ban on US beef. You know what this means. Oprah Winfrey can finally go on the vacation to Tokyo that she always wanted. : – )))

* to quote Phoebe Buffay



  1. LOL@the Microsoft example – I knw u wldve been tempted to mention some other firm’s name – But I guess u refrained frm doing tht dint u?:)


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