Headlines : 22nd June, Thursday

Today was a cloudy day in Chennai. People were eagerly looking up to the heavens in anticipation. Like Californian’s scouring the sky for missiles from North Korea.

This is the latest worry for Bush. North Korea has developed ballistic missiles that can reach as far the west coast of the US. Hmmmm….looks as if Diwali could come a bit earlier for the millions of Indians living in the Silicon Valley.

George Bush has urged Iran to act and respond faster on the nuclear offer given to it. Rightly so. If there is one country that knows about doing things quickly, it is the US. Look at Iraq………….how quickly they have got things under control in there……….it’s just been plain sailing all the way 🙂

While on the subject, more bad news for the US. 8 US army servicemen have been charged with the murder of an Iraqi civilian. Specifically, they have been accused of premeditated murder, kidnapping and conspiracy.Hehehe……….no wonder the war in Iraq is taking for ever to end…….the US needs 8 trained personnel to plot the murder of 1 innocent civilian. Controlling all the local rebels and terrorists……..how long will THAT take? Just forget it………..

The Saddam trial. A shock development. Saddam’s trial lawyer has been shot dead. Saddam says he has no idea why someone would do this………really dude? No idea at all? Really?

As a sign of protest against the murder, Saddam is going to go on a hunger strike. Plus, he says the jail food is not that good. That was a factor as well apparently.

Someone clever is organising a Tirukkural Festival 2006 in Chennai. Good luck with that. Seriously, how boring a concept is this? Today, the organisers received a message from the beyond. It was Tiruvalluvar. His soul wants to be excused from attending the event.

In our country, what’s the difference between a Jumbo Jet plane and a TVS-50 bike?
You definitely need a proper license to drive the TVS-50.

That’s right. Many Airways are recruiting students without a pilot’s license due to the shortage of trained pilots in the country. Don’t be surprised the next time you are in a flight and it gets delayed because the Captain still has to read the last 2 pages of the pilot’s manual. ‘We are sorry for the delay but the Pilot is reading as fast he can. We will take off as soon as he is done. Fingers crossed. Bon voyage ladies and gentleman’.

On the positive side, the Indian Air Force is planning to gauge the stress levels of it’s pilots and find out if they are over-worked or not. If they are, the IAF is going to ask the School Principals to give the “pilots” less homework from now on.

Rahul Dravid has now completed 10 years of international cricket with the Indian team. Wow……..that’s quite a feat. As far as I know, he is only Bangalorean who has stuck on to the same job for more than 6 months.

A new study has revealed that smoking can affect the brain and lead to lowered IQ levels. Come on now……….these are people who repeatedly read the ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ warning and carry on smoking……..how much lower can their IQ really get anyway ??

Angelina Jolie is going to make her first appearance on TV after the birth of her child. On the talk show ‘Anderson Cooper 360’. But only on one condition. At the end of the show, she wants to adopt Anderson and give him a weird African name of her choice.

The following article by Srivats 🙂

Indian UN head hopeful is going to find it tough to become the top man. Generally as a thumb rule the post is reserved for people with a funny name from a small country. Like Bourtros Bourtros Ghali from Egypt who was emptied from his office by US or Dag Hammarskjöld from Poland who died in a plane crash.



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