Headlines : 28th June, Wednesday

Heavy rains in the North. It was raining so hard that commuters in Bombay didn’t even have the time to be rude to each other.

That’s right. It’s the pre monsoon showers. The streets of Mumbai and Delhi are all totally water-logged. It is taking Mumbai-ites an eternity to go from point A to point B. Total chaos and confusion on the roads. Basically, another normal day in the metrop.

The people of Mumbai were finding it tough to decide which was falling harder – the rain or the Sensex.

Hamas, the Palestinian military is refusing to officially recognise the state of Israel. Forget that……….. at the rate at which Israel is bombing the Gaza Strip right now, it might be tough to recognise Palestine in a few hours : – )))

That’s right. Israel is bombing the Gaza strip with an all-out military invasion. You know, tanks, missiles, planes………the works. They are making so much noise that Ariel Sharon woke up from his coma for a few seconds in his hospital bed.

The funny part is that Israel is doing all this to save one soldier that Palestine have captured. No kidding. Saving one soldier. When he heard this, Private Ryan of the US military was like – ” It has happened before, you know……….”

Infosys is proactively dealing with the reservation issue by selecting and training 100 SC / ST students who will directly join the company after that. That’s great. I am sure the SC/ ST guys are equally proficient in sitting in the ‘bench’ without any project as any student from the forward class.

Sachin is making his comeback to cricket by playing a few charity matches. He is feeling so good that it seems like he is 20 again. In fact, he is 22. That’s his ICC batting rank, you know. ( He has slipped out of the top 20 for the first time in 14 years.)

This is absurd. After 15 long years, the LTTE have officially confessed to having assassinated Rajiv Gandhi. Better late than never isn’t it?. I hope the Big B takes this as an inspiration to pay his overdue taxes…….better late than never.

I also hope OJ Simpson is watching this and thinking – ” Should I ?…..I really should, shouldn’t I?……..”

You know what’s the difference between M. Karunanidhi and the crew of the NASA space shuttle ‘Discovery’?
The crew members of the space shuttle have been given a 1-in-a-100 chance of dying in the course of the next year.
(Of course, for MK, its 1-in-a-100 chance of surviving.)

Michael Jackson has fired his business managers in the US with immediate effect. He was quite angry. He learnt only yesterday that they were both above 18 years of age.

A study has revealed that people with heart trouble are likely to be suffering from mental depression. Oh. My .God. ………..how much more stupid are things going to get? Of course, these guys are depressed……….they just had a heart attack, you frickin fool!!!!!………..how do expect them to be? Jumping with joy? …………Who is funding these studies anyway?


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