Headlines : 5th July, Wednesday

It’s monsoon madness in Mumbai. The heavy rains continue on and on…..It was so bad that even the Doordarshan weather report was right for once. It had predicted heavy rains !!!

It is so bad that even people in coastal Orissa were making fun of Bombay-ites 🙂

Today, Rahul Mahajan was seen at a Drug-store……buying Coldact.

Himesh Reshammiya is really worried about getting wet in the rain. He says – “I have a song recording today. Hope I don’t catch a cold……it might make me sound nasal…” : – ))

AIIMS Director Dr P Venugopal has been ousted from his post for violating the code of conduct. Apparently, his doctors and students were going on too many strikes. And guess what has happened now…..they have gone on another strike. Talk about cutting a problem at its roots…..

You know what’s common to the Director of AIIMS and a Baseball hitter?
In both cases, the rule is the same – Three strikes and you are out.

Onto the Lankan crisis. India has urged Sri Lanka to revive talks with the LTTE and solve their problems. Talks, indeed. Look how well it has worked for India and Pakistan with the Kashmir issue. All these years of holding”talks” and a woman in Srinagar still can’t go shopping without having the potatoes in her vegetable bag exploding all of a sudden……

Shocking news. Sania has announced her retirement from tennis. She says – “I feel I can’t compete with the other players anymore……I just keep getting knocked out in the first round and its kinda embarrassing. I have had enough.”
Oops, sorry ……that was Martina Navratilova, not Sania…….Martina announcing her retirement ………got the two mixed up.

A funny incident at Wimbledon yesterday. During the Sharapova match, a guy took off his pants and hopped into centre court after evading the security guys. Apparently, he was misled when the Chair Umpire said ‘ New balls please’ into the mike.

Hear this. Pervez Musharaff apparently had plans to use nuclear weapons against India during the Kargil war. But he backed out when he has warned that there was a good chance Bipasha Basu might also get killed in the process if they went ahead with it.

On his 4th of July speech, President Bush gave the Americans a rousing message. He assured them that the enemy is vulnerable, on the run and without a clear leadership…………..of course, he was talking about the Democrats here.

A sad thing. Many Iraq war veterans who have returned to the US are now apparently finding it hard surviving and are broke and homeless. At least, when they were in Iraq, they got to sleep in the hut of the woman they had just raped……….now, they have neither sex nor shelter.


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  1. “You know what’s common to the Director of AIIMS and a Baseball hitter?
    In both cases, the rule is the same – Three strikes and you are out.”

    – Hilarious!!


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