Headlines : 10th July, Monday

Football fever all over the world yesterday. It was the Final of the FIFA World cup in Germany. Even Indians were swept in by the craze. Hundreds of thousands of people in Delhi and Bombay were up all night. Not watching the finals………….due to the long power cuts. They just couldn’t go to sleep.

The Italians have won the World Cup. The mega event is finally over. Indians all over the country were out in the streets celebrating. They need not listen to Harsha Bhogle talking about football till 2010 at least.

Zinedine Zidane was sent-off during extra-time after he got a red card for brutally head-butting an Italian player. I don’t think it makes a big difference to him. Zizu was supposed to retire after this match anyway………….he was forced to retire 10 minutes earlier than he would liked, that’s all.

On the plus side, Zidane has won the Golden Ball award for being the best player at the World Cup. I am not sure about this, but I have a feeling some of the members in the voting panel were not too keen on getting head-butted themselves 🙂

An Al Qaeda member was arrested in Germany yesterday. Poor guy, he was just watching the football finals. What were the odds of that happening? They finally nab an Al Qaeda guy and turns out he is totally harmless.

The headlines are screaming it – ‘ The King of Grass’ , ‘ He’s done itagain’ , ‘ Totally in command on grass’ and so on. To make it clear, this is about Rahul Mahajan…………… not Federer winning Wimbledon for the 4th time.

Speaking of whom………Rahul Mahajan is getting married people. To a girl from Gurgaon. She is an airline pilot. So she knows what it is to get real ‘high’ and does it everyday. This is perfect for him.

The marriage is going to be a low-key affair which will be attended only by family and close friends. They are having it inside the jail premises to make it easier for all family members to attend.

Our Agni-III launch was a massive failure. The missile hardly flew 500 kms before ending up in the sea. Even Krrish can fly longer than that without taking a bathroom break.

Today, a Pakistan Airlines passenger plane crashed within 10 minutes of take-off in Multan. Embarrassingly for India, it was up in the air longer than the Agni-III missile!!!

An Italian judge has ruled that a mafia boss serving a life sentence for murder should be allowed to father a baby through artificial insemination. Sure…..lets do this. This is just the kind of DNA we want to save in our society’s gene pool, isn’t it?


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