Headlines : 11th July, Tuesday

It rained in the evening here in Chennai. I had plans after work but was stuck inside and had to wait for the rain to stop before I could go out and do my thing. It was so frustrating. But to be honest, this is the closest I have come to experiencing what it feels like to be Roger Federer at Wimbledon.

But in the afternoon, it was actually very hot and humid. People were sweating like Manmohan Singh searching for a friendly face at the cabinet meeting.

That’s right. The PM’s situation is dire – he has no friends within his party and his allies are trying to pull him down. He must be feeling like a contestant on ‘The Apprentice’ right now.

In fact, rumors were flying recently that Manmohan Singh is quitting due to the setbacks in the Govt.’s disinvestment plans. It’s almost as if he cares about India’s economic progress. No wonder the Congress is worried. It has a leader whose first priority is not keeping all its allies happy. Scary.

Today, I saw a shooting star in the sky on my way home and made a wish. Later, I read in the news that it was just the INSAT 4C crashing into the ocean in a hurry.

Our INSAT 4C satellite is a failure. Moments after its launch, it steered off its path, self-destructed and the debris fell into the sea. Good thing we have a spacious dumping ground for our rockets and satellites – the Bay of Bengal.

Two unsuccessful rocket and missile launches in two days………….did we get them made in Sivakasi by a bunch of 10-year old kids or something ?

I guess INSAT stands for ‘ INto the Sea in A Trice’.

ISRO Chairman Madhavan Nair was in a state of shock and pain when he spoke to press about the mishap. He looked as if he had just been head-butted by someone 🙂

Israel is continuing its heavy bombing of the Gaza strip for more than a week now. The strip is so badly damaged by the bombings that today, people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were going – ‘We got off lightly, man….’

The amazing part is that Israel is doing all this to save one soldier!!! Compare this to India. 10 Jawans died yesterday in Kashmir and the Times of India dint even bother reporting it.

A study has revealed that certain mushrooms can produce drugs that can lead to psychedelic experiences in the user. Can you believe that? Mushrooms. Today, Rahul Mahajan was like – ‘ NOW you guys are telling me……………”.

Posthumously released letters reveal that Einstein had a very active love life. Shocking, isn’t it? He had half-a-dozen girlfriends at one point!!!! He must have had a lot of tough decisions to make at times. Like whether to continue with his research on sub-nuclear particles or make out with Minerva in the kitchen instead.

This is amazing. A Russian farmer has formally asked President Vladimir Putin to allow him to marry a cow. Seems silly but also makes a lot of sense. A cow is never going to ask him “Do I look fat?” all the time. And in case of a divorce, all he needs to give as alimony is a few balls of hay.

The following article by Boston 🙂

It is “Fall” season in India, Share prices falling, Agni III falling, GSLV falling and Tamilnadu MLAs falling (on Mummy’s feet).


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