Headlines : 14th July, Friday

Another hot day in Chennai. People were sweating like the Mumbai police Commissioner answering media queries about the bombings.

The Police made their first big move in the Mumbai bombing case. They have arrested John Abraham when he was out partying with his girlfriend Bipasha. He has been charged with being in pocession of a sex bomb.

But seriously, its been two days since the incident and there’s hardly been any progress. But then ,do any of us really expect the police to catch the people responsible for all this? That would shake up the country more than the actual bombings, wouldn’t it? You tell someone – ‘ There was a bombing incident in Place A – more than 400 dead’. ‘Oh, really? ‘ *Yawn.* And then – ‘ The police managed to catch the culprits today’. ‘What !!!!!!!!! No way…..must be some mistake…….you are kidding right? Please tell me you are kidding…………this cant be happening’.

Pak President Pervez Musharraf has promised to give all the assistance he can. Not for us. To the terrorists. He was the one who sponsored their flight tickets to Bombay in the first place.

You know, it must be tough being the Pak President. Each time you have to act all sad and surprised when there are bombings in India. His mouth is saying ‘ My sincere condolences to the Indian people’ while his mind is thinking ‘ Just wait for the Delhi fireworks next month, you fools !! ‘.

Today our PM Manmohan Singh was in Mumbai. You know, he is one person who is not bothered that the people in Mumbai are supposedly very rude. He’s faced much worse during UPA meetings……much worse. He’s used to it by now. Totally immune.

He said at a press conference that the peace process is stalled as long as Pakisan continues to support the terrorists. Peace process – lets see…….We had the Mumbai blasts yesterday – a day earlier we had 4 blasts in kashmir – last month we had the Ahmedabad RDX explosions ………..
Is it just me or is the phrase ‘peace process’ supposed to indicate the opposite trend?

A lot has been made of the fact that the explosions took place from 6.00 – 6. 30 PM, which is supposedly the peak hours. With more than 400 people crammed into each tiny compartment. On the other hand, had the explosions taken place at 11.00 PM in the night……..there would still be 400 people in those compartments. Who are we kidding? Lets face it, its always jam-packed in Mumbai.

The Stock markets are down again. Obviously with the bombings and all. I guess this is not the kind of ‘boom’ in the economy investors were looking for.

But you know what’s the difference between the Sensex and Rahul Mahajan?
Rahul will get high again in the near future.

The Israel madness. The Israelis are now bombing both Lebanon and Palestine. The reason ? To save that one soldier of theirs who has been abducted. When he heard this, George Bush was like – ‘ Hey, even I managed to come up with a better excuse when we invaded another country………….’



  1. Hi there. Your blog is quite funny and to the point. I like that your comments shed some light on current happenings in India – with a street-smart Indian view. Keep up the good work, it is allowing us (from far away) to see things more multi-faceted.
    Regards, Karl, Norway.


  2. Back after a long time. Wasn’t the lebanon thing triggered by a different set of kidnappings ? About Rahul Mahajan, do u mean he will get to the high court ? Doesn’t look like he will get high if he is on trial:)


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