Week in Review : 23rd June, Sunday

Hello people….am back. If you couldn’t view this page last week, it’s probably because of the Indian Govt.’s bizarre decision to block blogger.com. (Also, you may not have had an internet connection, which can have the same effect).

The reason for this mindless initiative was supposedly to prevent terrorists involved in the Bombay blasts from communicating with each other through blogs. Looks as if the plan worked…….no blasts in the last 3 days!!!!

There was uproar in the country from citizens who felt that the right to free speech and expression was being curtailed by this move. They even raised a formal protest with the Prime Minister. Makes prefect sense. If there is one person who knows what it is to be without the freedom of free speech and expression right now, it is Manmohan Singh.

When he heard about this, even Zinadine Zidane agreed that this was a remarkably foolish and outrageous thing to have done!!!! :-)))

Let’s review what else happened this week………

The Bombay blasts investigation is going on. We have arrested around 4 people so far. More then 200 killed and just 4 arrests after 10 days? Is this the best they can do? I am sorry to say this but the Bombay police definitely showed far greater agility and interest in the Rakhi Sawant – Mika lip biting episode.

And more disappointment. A high profile Lashker-e-Taiba terrorist named Tunda arrested in Kenya turned out to be some other guy. The Kenyan police are embarrassed at raising a false alarm. On the plus side, it is comforting to note that there are police far sloppier and inefficient than ours out there.

Israel is now into a full fledged war with the Hezbollah in Lebanon. It’s just been raining missiles and bombs in Beirut. The city is all blood and gore – In fact, Quentin Tarantino is actually considering making his next movie there.

The war in Lebanon has been going on for around two weeks now with no end in sight. So much so that yesterday, American Vice President Dick Cheney said – ‘This is taking far too long if you ask me….even by OUR standards…..’

The only people happy that Israel is in Lebanon are the Palestinian Hamas. They are getting a much-deserved break from all the action for the time being….

Following all the bombings in Lebanon, several hundred Indians have made their way back to India in the last few days. And why not? It’s not like we have been having any major bombing incidents here in this country…..it’s been all quiet and peaceful here recently, isn’t it?

Something unusual. A young boy named ‘Prince’ has been stuck in a 50-feet deep pit in Kurukshetra, Haryana since Friday. Wow……. If memory serves me right, the last prince who got himself into a deeper hole in Kurukshetra was Duryodhana all those years ago…..

This was on TV the whole day……..It’s been more than 48 hours and we still can’t rescue a child from a pit in this modern age? Who is in charge of the operation? FEMA??

Tiger Woods is on the verge of winning the British Open Championships today. You know what’s the difference between Woods and the kid ‘Prince’?
The kid is the one in the hole while Woods is hoping for a hole-in-one.

Yesterday, George Bush was watching the Tour de France and went – ‘Damn!!!…. Those oil prices are way too high all right. Look at all these people on the roads in their bi-cycles…’

Speaking of whom, Bush was involved in a sex scandal at the G-8 summit. He was caught on tape giving a back rub to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she was least expecting it. When Bill Clinton saw this on CNN, he admiringly remarked – ‘Classy move….’

A microphone also picked up President Bush swearing with a mouth full of food while talking to British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the Summit. When the press asked him why he used that particular expletive, his reply was – ‘I did no such thing. All I said was ‘shit’. Nothing too explosive about that…..’



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