Headlines : 24th July, Monday

Today, I saw an unusual Wanted Ad in the newspaper. It said – ‘Guys with any kind of experience in handling a gun wanted. Preferably with some brains. Your criminal record will not be held against you. Guaranteed’. It was an ad run by the Mumbai police.

That’s right. In a last ditch effort, the Mumbai police is recruiting some of its suspended officers with notorious reputations to help them with the investigations. You know what this means? The guys we have right now are the good ones!!!!!

The boy ‘Prince’ who was stuck in the pit since Friday was finally rescued. Its odd but the first thing he asked on coming out of the pit was – ‘Is Sachin playing in the tour of Sri Lanka or not?’

It was a harrowing experience for the boy. For over two days, he was stuck in a dark hole all alone. He was fed with biscuits and fruits sent down with a rope and spent most of his time crying. Basically, the same thing that Saddam Hussein went through days before he was captured by the US troops.

Speaking of whom, Saddam is now in hospital following his hunger strike which lasted over 2 weeks. Apparently, he did not like the prison food which mainly consisted of dry oats, diluted milk, carrots and water all the time. Hey! – If it’s good enough for a supermodel, it’s good enough for a guy in jail.

In a related subject, the contestant from Puerto Rico who won the Miss Universe crown spectacularly fainted on stage and was carried away to the hospital. What happened was the one of the judges asked her about the person she most admires and would like to emulate…. APART FROM MOTHER THERESA!!!!
She was totally unprepared for this last minute change in plans and fainted while desperately trying to think up some other name.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Lebanon on an unannounced trip to show that the US is concerned about the situation. Wow…..you can rest assured that things are not in good shape if the US feels that things need to calm down a bit.

Initially, the homeless and starving people in Beirut were told that the US is sending rice over to Lebanon. Only on hindsight did they realize that they were duped – it was not food supplies that would be arriving later that day.

Back to India. In a CNN-IBN poll, it has been found that more than 52 percent of the people feel that Manmohan has done a good job as PM but Sonia Gandhi would have done better. Worryingly, Manmohan Singh is one among the 52 percent who think so!!!

Even worse, he only emerged as the fourth favourite among poll participants as to whom they thought was the best candidate to be the PM right now. He was behind Sonia, Krrish and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Microsoft is now developing its own digital music player to rival the Apple I-pod by year end. If the Windows Vista development process is anything to go by, Steve Jobs has nothing to worry about for the next three years.


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