Headlines : 26th July, Wednesday

A humid and sultry day in Chennai. People were sweating like a US ‘mole’ stuck for three days in a 50-foot pit.

Speaking of which, Jaswant Singh is hogging the headlines claiming that he knew of a US ‘mole’ in the cabinet during PV Narasimha Rao’s regime. So there was a traitor in the cabinet. Big deal. A corrupt politician? Someone who sells his country for money in the government? Yeah, we have never had THAT before in this country…….

And why not? How difficult would it have been? Have you seen Narasimha Rao at work? The guy was half-asleep all the time. All that a spy had to do was dress himself in whites and learn a few expletives. And he would be right at home with the others in the cabinet.

Update on the Mumbai blasts. Three local residents of Maharashtra have now offered to help in the probe. They don’t have any clues or suspects or any clear idea as to how to proceed further. But they still want to be part of the investigations. Which is perfect. They fit right in with the Mumbai police.

Two cops in J & K have been arrested for allegedly helping Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists. I am actually happy on hearing this. We know that we are on our way to winning the war on terror when the terrorists are so desperate that they need help from OUR jawans.

More bad news. 4 UN observers in Beirut were killed when an Israeli bomb went off in their vicinity. This was in spite of them making several warning calls to Israel about their presence there. Unfortunately, this is what happens if you are a member of the UN – no one listens to you!!

Germany is going to open to researchers an archive of Nazi files that describe how the Holocaust was carried out on the Jews. What great timing………as if the Israelis are not mad enough already………..look at them having a go at Beirut with all those missiles!!!!!!

Saddam Hussein has requested the court to shoot him with a firing squad if he was found guilty (instead of being hung like a common prisoner). To this, George Bush’s response was – ‘Who needs a firing squad to shoot him? Just send Cheney over there…….’

Bush and the Iraqi President have agreed to move more troops to Baghdad and strengthen the capital. I guess they know the overall situation is pretty much hopeless………why not try and control just Baghdad for the time being? Let’s start with that and try it to keep it down to under 4 blasts aday in the city – thats the short-term target.

Yesterday, Dilbert creator Scott Adams and his fiancé Shelley Mines said their ‘I Do’s in a yacht in San Francisco, California. Well, who would have ever thought that one would use the words Dilbert and ‘I Do’ in the same sentence?

The following articles by Vishwa : -)

A dude sms -ed his way into records book by sending 5.5 lakh messages with an average of 1 message every 5 seconds. He even sent many such SMS to TRAI people, but they being government officials never picked up their phone. The frequency of SMS made the sms alert sound like ringtone.

Talking of SMS, it is likely that you may stumble across one of those SMS of DPS genre. The only difference being this can be a bit from some Mallu porn movie and the actors being the chief priest of shabarimala. Coincidentally Jayamala said it was the crowd that pushed her into this act.

Guess India’s national game. It is 20 questions. Let us wait and see whether our PM succeeds in finding out the famous personality… or the infamous mole rather.

Nepal’s king has found a new way to empty the national treasury, which even Laloo didn’t come across. Online gambling. But what he doesn’t know is that Clinton was on the other side and wanted to king to bet on Maneisha Koirala.



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