Headlines : 4th August, Friday

At last a solution to the Middle East crisis. It has been suggested by the Iranian President Mahmud Ahmedinejad. It’s short and simple. “Destroy Israel”.
No kidding. That’s what he said. Maybe its time he stopped playing those video games on his Playstation.2……….they are starting to get to him.

Destroy Israel indeed!! If there is a hell and Hitler is still around the premises, I am sure he is sporting a big smile right now.

I guess the Iranian President is just following the Mel Gibson example………you know, get really drunk and start attacking Jews left right and centre.

He also urged Muslim states to “isolate” the United States and Britain for supporting Israel’s military attacks against Lebanon. This is a radical suggestion. A paradigm shift. As far as I know, the Muslim countries just LOVE the United States and UK………

In fact, British Prime Minister Tony Blair is going to postpone his scheduled holiday till the violent Middle East situation is resolved. He has rescheduled it for August, 2015. Fingers crossed.

India is going to withdraw its troops deployed on peacekeeping duty inLebanon. That’s the right thing to do. Given the state of affairs, they have OBVIOUSLY failed in their mission. Obviously.

The Pathak Commission’s report on the oil-for-food scam has been leaked to the press. So, someone apparently has been bribed into giving out the details about a bribery scam. This is India for you right here.

Jagat Singh, son of Natwar Singh, has firmly denied that he or his father ever received any money as bribes in the oil-for-food scam. Of course, Jagat was seated in his brand new Mercedes car when he made this statement to the press.

Update on the 7 / 11 Mumbai train blasts. Wait……….. actually there’s no update……………. that’s right, still no progress on that front.

Following the pesticide allegations, the Supreme Court has asked Pepsi and Coke to reveal the chemical contents of their products. I am really really hoping the words dirt and phenyl have no part to play in the issue.

Something to be proud of. Winner of a seven-month rigorous competition conducted by Microsoft, Abhishek Kumarasubramaniam (20), an IIT Madras student, will get an opportunity to work directly with Bill Gates. But his first assignment is a toughie – he has to fix all the bugs in Windows Vista and ensure it’s released by the end of this month!!!

Ohio State University astronomers are claiming that the Triangulum Galaxy is actually 15 per cent further away from our galaxy than previously measured, which implies that the universe is bigger and older than earlier believed. You know what this means for all of us? – NOTHING.


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