7th August, Monday : Top Ten List # 1

Today, I just thought I might try something new. Anyone who has seen the Late Show with David Letterman knows what his Top 10 lists are.

Based on that, I have attempted something similar with the recent Jaswant Singh – mole fiasco.

The list is written in reverse order starting with Number 10 and finishing with the Number 1….

Top 10 reasons why I think Jaswant Singh was making up the whole US ‘mole’ issue – Based on his statements to the Press below

10. ‘ If you refer to pages 213 – 245 of my newly released book ‘A Call to Honour’………’

9. ’I was going to reveal the name of the mole in my letter to the PM……..but my printer ran out of Ink’

8. ’I can only reveal the name of the mole on Feb 29th of a leap year…………not on any other day’

7. ’You want to know specifically, who that mole was?…………As Isaid, the Sensex seems to be doing quite well…..’

6. ‘ Don’t we all get these hunches from time to time?’

5. ‘ Did I say the Narasimha Rao government? I meant the Nehru one actually…………..’

4. ‘ The US is our ally……….what’s wrong in sharing a few things with them?’

3. ‘ Are you telling me we actually had a nuclear program way back in 1995?’

2. ‘ He was not so much a mole as he was a tiny rat, to be honest’.

1. ‘ The ‘mole’ died after drinking a can of Pepsi’



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