Headlines : 13th August, Sunday

It was raining hard in the evening in Chennai. In fact, it was raining so hard that people were just glad they were not in Gujrat right now.

The main findings of The Hindu -CNN-IBN State of the Nation Survey are worrying to say the least. In spite of the Pathak report disclosures, Mandal-II, farmer suicides and rising commodity prices, the UPA and Congress has gotten more popular!! All I can say that being an incompetent political party in this country has never been more fun.

And to think that the Mumbai blasts happened just a month ago. And we have no clues. What were the participants in the survey thinking? That it could have been 17 blasts instead of just 7? Is that what were they thinking?

I guess UPA stands for ‘Unconditionally Popular Alliance’.

When he heard this, George Bush was like – ‘Hey! My performance was similar to this……how come my approval ratings are down all the time?

Today, BJP party members were spotted with sad and long faces. Some of them were crying. And this was only because they had just been to the premiere of ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’. They haven’t even heard about the survey yet.

August 15th coming up in a couple of days. Everyone is getting mentally prepared for two things – Blasts in Kashmir and watching ‘Roja’ on DD-national for the 173rd time.

Today, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan heard the words that he never thought he would in his lifetime. Someone saying – ‘We agree to listen to the UN’s decision’.

That’s right. The Israeli Cabinet has approved the UN cease-fire pact effective form tomorrow. On the other hand, the Cabinet also approved an expanded ground offensive on Lebanon just 48 hours ago. Phew!!….. I am just relieved that they have a clear action plan in mind. They do seem to know what they are doing……..

When President Bush was asked if he thought Israel was equivocating with respect to the Lebanon issue, his reply was – ‘They are doing nothing of that sort. But from their statements, it’s not clear whether they want to fight or settle for a cease-fire’.

Following his operation, Fidel Castro asked his people to be ready to face any adverse news regarding his health. Like when he said that he felt much healthier already and would be back soon.

Someone has come in support of a man arrested in the US for terrorism-related charges and said that he is innocent. The FBI is slightly wary of the source though, since it happens to be the man’s wife!!!. Not exactly the true objective third-party opinion one looks for in these cases, is it?

A recent survey among US High School students reveals that there are a fewer of them having sex when compared to 1991. But wait, it’s not all good news. It seems the real reason for this is that most of them are already bored with sex by the time they got to high school!!!!!!!!!



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