17th August, Thursday : Top Ten List # 2

My apologies for not updating the blog in the last three days people. Have been thinking about new ideas of how to make the blog more interesting. Will be trying out a few things in the days ahead. Hope you guys like it.

And the Top 10 lists are a lot of fun in my opinion. This is the second one I am attempting and am looking at making it a regular feature in the blog if you like it.

Ok here goes. This is with respect to the Soft Drink – Pesticide debate. Personally, I have a feeling that Coke and Pepsi are guilty of supplying inferior quality products for the Indian market.

The list is written in reverse order starting with Number 10 and finishing with the Number 1….

The Top 10 reasons why I think the allegations about excessive pesticide content in Soft Drinks are true- Based on the following:

10. Repeated use of the phrase ‘Allowed Limit’ while talking about the pesticide content.

9. The latest tag line for Coke is – ‘Just drink it. It’s not like you will get Cancer or something.’

8. The fact that Britney Spears feeds her baby Diet Pepsi everyday.

7. PepsiCo Chairman’s argument – ‘ We never claimed it was a health drink, okay?…’

6. A farmer in Orissa asking the NDTV News reporter – ‘ You mean to say you guys actually DRINK this stuff?’

5. Sprite getting chosen by Dick Cheney as the official drink at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq.

4. Coca Cola Marketing Manager’s defense that it was DEFINITELY better than drinking plain water with pesticides.

3. Thumbs Up Spokesperson answering a customer complaint with – ‘Sir, isn’t it possible that the bothersome rat in your kitchen died own its own accord?’

2. Soft Drink bottles in rural areas actually come with an attached nozzle and sprayer at the top.

1. Sachin Tendulkar dubiously saying – ‘ I would be seen drinking a lot more Pepsi bottles if it were not for my Tennis Elbow problem.’



  1. hey aja…this is good stuff…keep it up….and i’d write everyday if i were u now that u have secured a decent public…as for my own blogs, they’ll start soon i assure u…


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