20th August, Sunday : Clown of the Week # 1

Hi people. This is another new thing I am trying out. I am calling it the ‘Clown of the Week’ award, given out every Sunday. The award is pretty much self-explanatory and given the fact that, these days, there are so many people ready to make a fool of themselves in public, it will be a tough job for me to single out one of them for this honour. But I promise to do my best :-))

Here goes. The winner of the first ever ‘Clown of the Week’ award is………Rahul Dravid.

Oh yes….. It is The Wall, an unlikely candidate for this award. But he has earned it with a gem of a quote – “We are worried more about the weather than the bombs…..” during the tour of Sri Lanka.

It’s the most ridiculous thing Dravid has ever done since acting in that Kissan Jam commercial a decade ago.

First of all, how is this kind of a comment supposed to make the South African Cricket Board that has just withdrawn its players from the tour due to the security risks? It also makes a mockery of the LTTE by bringing their capabilities into the equation. They were probably thinking about assassinating the President……but now, they might be willing to put that on hold and deal with the Indian team first.

The surprising part is that Dravid is hardly known for his sense of humour or for speaking his mind. He is typically a man of clichés. Before every match in the last ten years, he has invariably said the same things. Like – ‘ We need to be focused on our game…..take it ball by ball….stick to the basics…..play to our strengths…..its a team effort…’ and so on. And out of the blue, he says something like this in a tense scenario where lives are actually at risk. Totally out of character. Probably he meant it in a good way but then, why take these chances when you are best known for being politically correct?

[Guys…….feel free to nominate your choices for the Clown of the Week award from the coming week. You can either send me an e-mail or leave it as a comment on the blog. I will take them into consideration before making the big decision every weekend :-)]



  1. Here’s another one I came across from Dravid recently. Dont remember which series though….

    Rahul Dravid can take unflappability to dangerous levels. With a game down and two to play, he preferred to talk about the simplicity of the task: “In a way it’s made things simple for us; we need to win the next two to win the series.”


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