Headlines : 21st August, Monday

Another hot day in Chennai. People were sweating like a Pakistan bowler caught with a corkscrew in his kerchief.

Total chaos at the Oval test match between England and Pakistan. The Pakistani players refused to come out to play after the umpired accused them of ball tampering. And I don’t blame the Paki’s for that. What is this……the 545th time they have been accused of ball tampering? They must be sick of it………In fact, Inzamam said that he would have gladly accepted accusations of head-butting an Englishman than the ball tampering thing all over again.

Keeping with sports. Tennis. Andy Roddick scored a shock victory over Juan Carlos Ferrero and won the Cincinatti Masters cup. Actually, the shock for everyone was to see these two guys in the finals……….. instead of Federer and Nadal as usual.

Andy Roddick has been playing quite badly for a long time now and this is his first tournament win in more than a year. Not surprisingly, Ferrero has now accused Roddick of ball tampering.

It’s official. Narayanamurthy has finally handed over the executive chairmanship of Infosys to Nandan Nilekani. The upshot – one more person working with Infy will be jobless and sitting on the bench from now on. Good for him.

Something to cheer about. India finally has someone with an assured chance of winning Gold at the Olympics. It’s Manavjit Singh Sandhu, World No.1 in Trap Shooting. Impressive isn’t it? But you know what’s the difference between him and Jaswant Singh?
Manavjit is good at trap shooting while Jaswant is best known for shooting his trap off.

I will never understand this. In a press conference today, President Bush has said that the US leaving Iraq now would be a disaster. Okay. Alright. But, a disaster compared to what? Really….what success does he have in mind when calling the pulling out a disaster? The whole project has been nothing but a disaster from the very start…..

In his genocide trial, where he is accused of willfully murdering of over 100,000 Kurdish people, Saddam Hussein has defiantly refused to enter a plea in the case. Saddam actually believes that he did nothing wrong. When he heard this, O.J.Simpson hailed him as an inspiration and a ‘fantastic role model’.

The Lebanon circus. After agreeing to a ceasefire, Israel has now done a volte face and launched a raid on the Hezbollah deep inside Beirut. Well well well………..you know what they say…..never trust a Jew unless he is on a Cross with his hands and feet safely clamped to the woodwork.

This is just sick. Osama Bin Laden’s sex slave, Sudanese woman Kola Boof has revealed in her book that Osama has a crush on singer Whitney Houston. Wow!! I wonder how Whitney will react when she finds out that Laden is lusting after her…….but one thing’s for sure – this is not going to help her with her drug problem any……..that much is for sure.

It is also exposed in the book that Osama is a racist and is openly dismissive of black women. But the good part for him is that no one can hate him, any more than they already do, because of this new revelation.



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