Headlines : 22nd August, Tuesday

Ridiculous scenes in the Lok Sabha today over the Government’s statement that singing the national song Vande Mataram on September 7 was voluntary. The BJP and the Congress MPs were involved in a fracas and the house had to be adjourned twice. So basically, they were fighting over a song that signifies our unity as a nation. Awesome!!

The plan is to make all state governments ensure that the first two stanzas of the song were sung in all schools on September 7th. Sure, we could do that. But what’s the point if the kids are singing ‘Kajra Re’ the other 364 days?

HRD Minister Arjun Singh’s opinion is that singing ‘Vande Mataram’ should be optional for all Indians. He feels that apart from A.R.Rahman, everyone else pretty much sucks at it.

The Oval test controversy. Even after the umpires waited for 10 minutes, the Pakistan team just refused to come out onto the field and take part in the proceedings. Sorta like the French Army when called by the UN for duty in Lebanon.

The committee set up by Union Health ministry to examine the report by the CSE says that there was ‘no conclusive evidence’ on the presence of pesticides in the soft drinks. The cola companies are now accusing the CSE of ‘bottle tampering’.

In the next few days, Iran is likely to reject the Nuclear-package offered by the US. But it’s not all bad news for the US. At least they now know that Osama doesn’t hate all Americans…….

Did anyone know that today is supposed to be ‘Chennai Day’? Especially if you are not an aged member of the Lions Club or the Rotary Club trying to create such artificial events to justify the pathetic existence of those organizations?

A fun headline from CNN.com to finish with. It reads – ‘ Speed blamed for Spain rail crash’.
Well, duh!!!! The speed is the reason why there was a crash…….no speed, no crash.


One comment

  1. I thought Arjun singh would have wanted the following equation:

    Complete Anthem – OC / GC

    First Stanza only – OBC

    ‘Vande Mataram’ only – SC

    Optional to sing – ST


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