23rd August, Wednesday : Top Ten List # 3

Its Top 10 time people. I hope to have one up every Wednesday. So, the two regular features will be the Top 10 lists on Wednesday evenings and the ‘Clown of the Week’ award on Sunday evenings.

Today’s topic is about the South African cricket team’s hurried exit from Sri Lanka following a bomb blast near their team hotel. Well…..at least that is what they say is the official reason. I think the real reasons are quite different.

So here goes.

The list is written in reverse order starting with Number 10 and finishing with the Number 1….

The Top 10 reasons why I think the South African team really left for home in a hurry abandoning the Tour of Sri Lanka-

10. The forecast was for heavy rains and none of the South Africans had brought their raincoats.

9. Many of the players were haunted by dreams of Murali chucking hand grenades at them from across the pitch.

8. There was not a single strip club within 15 miles of Colombo.

7. Hashim Amla’s room-mate actually heard him mumbling –‘Long live the Al Qaeda’ in his sleep.

6. The potatoes that Shaun Pollock bought from the local Supermarket started exploding when he tried cutting them.

5. The South Africans were scared that all these bombings would trigger another tsunami.

4. Rumours were rife that Oprah Winfrey was making a surprise visit to Africa next week.

3. The Lankan cricket board announced that the post match interviews would be done in Sinhalese.

2. The new Ten Sports commentary team covering the Tour comprised of Kapil Dev, Azhar, Jadeja and Prabhakar.

1. According to their original schedule, they had been slated to fly back home in Air India via Mumbai.


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