Headlines : 28th July, Monday

A typical day in Chennai. It was so hot that people were sweating like Muslim kids trying to remember the lines of ‘Vande Mataram’ during the practice run at school.

It was so hot that people were sweating like Pervez Musharaff taking a vacation in Baluchistan.

Pakistan has promised India that it would do everything it can to help us in the war against terror. In an unrelated incident, a Pakistan court has set Muhammad Saeed, the founder of Lashkar-e-Toiba free from jail.

Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has said he would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers if he had known it would lead to such a war. Sure man, no problem. Could have happened to anyone. It’s not like you can take the trouble of considering the repercussions of each and every one of your actions before doing anything……….you just hope for the best and carry on………

President Bush has said that he learnt his lessons from the disaster last year that was Hurricane Katrina. Specifically, he has learnt that Katrina is spelled with a K and not a C.

The UN is planning on sending a force of 15,000 troops for peacekeeping duty in Lebanon. Wow…..unless the UN is thinking of borrowing a few thousands from the Al Qaeda, I don’t see how it is going to make up the numbers.

That’s right. Most countries are hesitant in committing troops to the UN. In fact, France initially said they could send no more than 200 soldiers. Kofi Annan agreed to the offer, provided France included Zinedine Zidane in those 200 guys.

Andre Agassi has now asked the US Open organizers to give him $500,000 and he will retire from the sport without any fuss whatsoever.

Maria Esther de Capovilla, believed to be the world’s oldest person, has died at the age of 116, in Ecuador. Apparently, she was witness to Kevin Federline’s rap performance at the 2006 Teen choice music awards and decided it was just not worth carrying on anymore……………..

The following articles by Vishwa

Pluto has been stripped of its planet title. It must have done some heinous crime. Wait a minute.. it cant. Not even remotely through natal charts. Though the reason is unknown, such a decision is sure to affect its mental state n can make its orbit even more eccentric.

I would suggest Pluto to take it easy and learn from Natwar singh; nothing wrong in being stripped of ministry or party membership or being involved in scam.

Chennai turns 368 tomorrow. I must say, it still looks to be in its sweet 16

Sachin earns 2000 times of what our PM earns. But it is a crappy comparison. We can’t compare one who trashes the balls out of the ground with the other who has none.


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