30th August, Wednesday : Top Ten List # 4

Its US Open time people. So today’s post is all about that. And the Top 10 list follows at the end…

The US Open began yesterday at Flushing Meadows, New York. It’s been raining both yesterday and today, delaying the match schedule. You know what this means? Sania could actually still be playing in the tournament after the first two days.

Maybe I am being too unkind to her. She has in fact won her first round match against Karolina Sprem. But this has thrown her travel schedule into chaos….she had already booked the return flight for yesterday night…..poor girl.

Tennis pundits are predicting another Federer-Nadal final. When asked if he expected to compete against anyone other than Nadal in the final, Roger replied – ‘What do you mean, compete?’

To give you an idea how dominant the top two players in the men’s draw are – The official seedings for the US Open this year reads 1– Federer, 2-Nadal and etc.

Irrespective of anything else, this US Open will be remembered for one thing, and one thing only. And everyone knows what that is. The whole tennis world is watching with anticipation. I am talking about the introduction of the ‘Instant replays’ rule.

Kidding. It is of course all about this being Andre Agassi’s last tournament. And he managed to win his first round match against Andrei Pavel. It was strange because everyone wanted Agassi to win – The crowd, the commentators, the chair umpire…. and Andrei Pavel too.

Speaking of which, today’s Top 10 List will be about Agassi’s retirement.

The list is written in reverse order starting with Number 10 and finishing with the Number 1….

The Top 10 reasons why I think Agassi has finally decided its time to retire from Tennis-

10. The crowds are now cheering for him each time he hits a ball over the net.
9. More and more people are now aware that his middle name is Kirk.
8. The last time he served an ace was in 2001.
7. He is currently ranked below someone named Dmitry Tursunov.
6. The ball-boys have started calling him ‘Sir’.
5. For the last 3 years, tournament organizers have been referring to his prize money as ‘pension’.
4. He is still 328 Grand Slam titles behind Steffi.
3. He is the only one playing who still remembers who Michael Stich is.
2. He has played fewer matches than Anna Kournikova this year.
1. Roger Federer.


One comment

  1. hey dude…nice post…they seem to be flowing out more comfortably now….the top 10s are good…keep it up…if i can find one fault with them, then it is that they r not getting as bizarre as i’d have liked them to be….


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