Headlines : 31st August, Thursday

It was hot today in Chennai. People were sweating like Sharapova answering questions about her relationship with Andy Roddick.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while speaking at Delhi College said that he had strayed into politics by sheer accident. It’s quite clear it was an accident. For one, here he is, admitting the truth, when he is not even under any kind of interrogation.

The PM has also assured agitating MDMK leader Vaiko that India will not be sending any troops to Sri Lanka. I am not really surprised at this. Remember how the last PM’s plan to send military aid to Lanka ‘bombed’?

By the way, Herschelle Gibbs has confirmed that he will be coming on the tour of India next month. He says he has no problems with being interrogated by the Mumbai police. But he has definitely ruled out being interviewed by Karan Thapar.

India’s Shashi Tharoor, who is running for the post of UN Secretary General, argues that his lack of experience will not hamper his chances of getting elected. He says he can always learn getting ignored and rejected by every leader of every country while he is at the job. Like all his predecessors.

The Jharkand government has made it mandatory for all educational institutions to sing Vande Mataram on Sep 7. Those who don’t stick to the plan will be penalized. Bankim Chandra must be feeling so proud if he is watching this farce from up there in his heavenly abode…..

Israel is slowly handing over the border zone to the UN. The UN faces a tough task with most people in the country in a desperate situation. Ironically, I had Lebanese food yesterday at The Residency. Something the Lebanese themselves are struggling to do nowadays……

The President of Lebanon now faces the impossible task of rebuilding the country all over again. And speaking of impossible tasks……..President Bush is soon going to be starting a series of speeches where he will defend his strategy on the Iraq war.

Defending the Iraq war? Is that even possible? Only a complete nitwit with no understanding of the magnitude of the destruction and damage the war has done to both the US and Iraq can try defending it………
I am sorry. I myself am not sure what’s my point here……J

The Pakistan army has found Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti’s body in a cave in southwest Balochistan. Sounds good. Now, they just have to find a way to get him to start moving again and all will be fine.

The One Day International series between England and Pakistan is underway.And again the Pakistan team failed to show up on the ground after the lunchbreak. But this time, it was because of the heavy rains…………so its ok, I guess.

The following articles by Vishwa

It seems like “finger on your lips” is something that Arjun Singh never heard in his primary school. He thinks being in politics is about creating controversies. This time it is. Going forward, the children of the future will spend all their time at school singing some songs and those with reservation get to do higher studies and there again do the singing. India shinning! But this dude has to shut up some time.

Amarnath lingam has been tampered . How dare to do such a sacrilegious thing? Am I hearing Jayamala say a ‘Yeti’ pushed her onto the lingam?

Chennai turned 368 yesterday. I must say, it still looks to be in its sweet 16

Sachin earns 2000 times of what our PM earns. But it is a crappy comparison. We can’t compare one who trashes the balls out of the ground with the other who has none.


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  1. Amarnath lingam has been tampered . How dare to do such a sacrilegious thing? Am I hearing Jayamala say a ‘Yeti’ pushed her onto the lingam?

    Am I the only person who had a dirty mind?


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