10th September, Sunday : Clown of the Week # 3

Back after a while. So no dilly dallying or beating about the bush. Let’s cut right to the chase. Head straight to the point.

This week’s clown is from the field of sports and the winner is…………Jose Mourinho.

For those of you who don’t know him – he is the manager of EPL football club, Chelsea.

He is famous for making controversial remarks and has been the media’s delight ever since he landed in England two years back. His latest effort is an absolute gem.

The setting: International matches for France this week. Claude Makelele, who plays for Chelsea, had been chosen by the French coach to play in these two matches. But Makalele had tentatively announced his retirement after the World Cup in Germany. So, to protest against this, Mourinho does the right thing – takes up the issue with FIFA through the proper channels and procedure. Naaah…..just kidding. When has he ever taken the traditional route??

He instead chose to shoot his mouth in the media and shoot he did. His actual statement was – ‘Makelele is not a football player. He is a slave. He has no rights. It is unbelievable’.

First of all, I don’t think Mourinho understands what it means to be a slave or the real meaning of the word and all that it implies. Secondly, Makelele himself told the media that he had no problems playing for his country and his retirement was nothing final but was something he was considering.

So, Jose has as usual made a fool of himself by making outrageous remarks to the media without even talking to his players first and having a clear idea as to what the situation is. Now, he has to eat his own words and also pay a huge fine to FIFA for speaking his ‘mind’ on a very sensitive subject through improper channels and using inappropriate language. Another typical day in the office for Jose.

Say what you will, but there is never a dull moment when this guy is around. And I love him for that. I am sure he will be back soon and win the award in the near future. 🙂



  1. he he, Europeans are the worst English speaking living beings in the world (save those in the UK)!

    Imagine, I once requested a chat with a German and he wrote back to me saying “thanks for your kindless offer, but I am not available”, Puzzled I checked the meaning for KINDLESS in Dictionary.com, guess what it means – INHUMAN

    They are really mad ppl! 🙂


  2. If ManU heads the league table for too long, u might actually declare Mourinho ineligible for this award in weeks to come….he’s gonna do his damnedest to make as big a goat of himself as he possibly can…


  3. @Boston: thats why i like our European clients the best 🙂

    @Meera: just doin ma job, nothing more 🙂

    @shetty: i hope your words come true,man..


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