Headlines : 11th September, Monday

Another hot day in Chennai. People were sweating like celebrities, attending the Surya-Jyotika wedding, trying to find parking space at the Park Sheraton.

Malegaon update. The police have released rough sketches of the key suspect in the Malegaon bombing case. The strange part. The suspect looks a lot like R.K.Laxman’s ‘Common man’.

Here’s something amazing. Today is supposed to be the judgement day in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. But the good part….once they are done dealing with this, the police might actually begin working on the 7-11 blasts. Finally!!!

9-11 Anniversary

It’s that time of the year again. Time to remember the disaster that took place this very day, 5 years ago. It’s the day when CNN and BBC got hold of that footage of the couple of planes crashing into the WTC. That’s right……..Gosh…..how many times they kept playing it……..the sickos!!!!!!!!

In a solemn ceremony, George Bush laid flower wreaths on his visit to Ground Zero. An embarrassing moment followed when he insisted on also being taken to Ground One and Ground Two…….

While speaking about 9-11, Bush has claimed that America is a lot safer under the present administration compared to 5 years ago. Yeah, so what’s the big deal? All you need to do is to take away Dick Cheney’s guns and the country is a lot safer immediately.

A CNN poll reveals that almost half of America believes that the Bush administration is responsible to a large extent for the 9-11 disaster. Well sure, it IS the goverment’s fault that the Twin Towers were built so tall and that planes run on petrol.

Middle East watch

Iran has agreed to suspend its uranium enrichment program during the talks with the EU. Given the rate at which these talks usually proceed, Iran may have pretty much agreed to stop the program altogether…….

President Bush now has a new plan to tackle the terrorists in Iraq – Sting rays.

Dick Cheney has come out and boldly asserted that the US has done a ‘helluva job’ in Iraq and with the terrorism situation overall. Good to see that Bush’s approval rating is doing pretty ok inside the White House at least.

There have been a lot of angry protests over Tony Blair’s visit to Lebanon. Now what I don’t understand is why he would want to visit Beirut at this juncture? What good can come of it? What next? The Sri Lankan PM planning a weekend getaway at Jaffna?


Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick to win the 2006 US Open yesterday. Federer now has an amazing 11-1 record against Roddick. But wait…….the amazing part here is that Roddick actually managed to win a match against Roger.

Andrew Flintoff has said that he doesn’t care who the Captain is as long as England retain the Ashes in Australia later this year. So who says that British humour is dying a slow death? Retain the Ashes……..hahahahahahaha

Retirement season is in the air. First it was Andre. Then Navratilova. Now Schumacher has followed. But worryingly, the one person who must have led this procession is yet to throw his name into the hat – Saurav dada.


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