Headlines : 12th September, Tuesday

As usual, another hot day in Chennai. People were sweating like Leander Paes before a singles match.

The Malegoan blasts. The Rapid Action Force personnel conducted a flag march in Malegaon, which was hit by four bomb blasts on Friday. Ok……here’s a radical idea…….how about you idiots stop marching around town and go after the criminals instead? That might actually work……..

And I am not even going to point out the irony here – Rapid Action Forces. Rapid Action????? Oh, just forget it……..

The American embassy in Syria has been attacked by 4 unidentified gunmen. And today, President Bush was reportedly seen flipping a coin at his White House desk to decide if the US should invade Syria or not.

The ’93 Mumbai Blasts Case Trial

After 13 long years, the court has finally made its decision in the ’93 Mumbai blasts case. It’s taken the court 13 years!!! Saddam Hussein has now asked for his trial to be officially shifted to a Mumbai court……

4 members of the influential Memon family have been found guilty by Judge PD Kode. On the other hand, 3 others of the family have also been acquitted. Apparently, the judge felt that those 4 were actually involved in the blasts while these 3 just booked their train tickets or something……

And what kind of a name is Memon, really? It’s not Menon, which is well known. And it is likely to be mis-spelled as Lemon, which could be embarrassing………

Sanjay Dutt’s latest film ‘Lagey Rago Munnabhai’ is about non-violence and following Gandhiji’s footsteps. It’s too late for all that, Sanju dada…….you should have thought about it before actively taking part in the ’93 Bombay blasts.

But ‘Lagey Raho Munnabhai’is doing quite well……at least no one can accuse his movie of ‘bombing’ at the box office.

Entertainment News

A fictional documentary film about the assassination of George Bush is all set for release in the US. It’s one thing that your approval rating is below 40. But its totally different when people start fantasizing how nice it would be if you were killed……

A day after her marriage, actress Jyotika has announced she will stop acting in films henceforth. That’s odd…….I thought she had stopped acting in films for a long time now….. 🙂

Paris Hilton was arrested a couple of days ago on charges of drunken driving. Call me a cynic but when she says that she was just really upset about Steve Irwin, I am thinking –‘Yeah, right……’

Science and Technology

A new study reveals that human activities that result in global warming may be responsible for causing intense hurricanes. If it’s any consolation for the victims of Katrina, it may have been their own fault the whole thing happened in the first place…

Apple is expected to announce the debut of its iPhone in a few months. So now you can listen to songs while talking on your cell phone. If that doesn’t make your callers feel important, then nothing will……

The Kenyan government is seeking funding to finance its own undersea internet cable system. Wow. And once this vital project is over, Kenya is going to shift its focus on getting some food and water for its people.



  1. You are correct. The next time people talk about Sunjay Dutt and Munnabhai. I do not even know how he can still act.

    Anyway, India is supposed to be this “forgiving society”. isnt that why our man Arun Gawli contenstd elections, and Abu Salem wants to enter politics?

    Did you watch the interview with Abu Salem’s lawyer on CNN IBN ? The guy had the audacity to start out with, “Even Valimiki had been a thief before he wrote the Ramayana”….


  2. I had meant to say.. “THe next time people talk about the ‘message’ in MunnaBhai and Sanjay Dutt… I would have to whoop their ass”


  3. No updates? I have every reason to suspect that this is because you have been “working”. How could you do something like this?! You are no longer worthy of the title of “vetti guy”. I am going to call you “working guy” from now on or in short WG.


  4. @escape : Am totally with you on this one… 🙂

    @meera : Stop spreading maliciious rumours!! I always was and will be the true Vetti Guy.


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