Headlines : 18th September, Monday

Hi people. Back after another break. Please accept my apology for not posting anything for the last 5 days. Am sorry guys. Really really sorry…………..Wait a minute……..am starting to sound like the Pope here, aint I? : – )

That’s right. The Pope has sincerely apologised to the Muslim community for making anti-islamic statements in a recent speech. The Pope feels that his words were misunderstood and misinterpreted. Lets see………his exact quote was- ‘…..Mohammad brought the world only “evil and inhuman” things…’
Hmmm…..I don’t see how you can misinterpret this. Its pretty well phrased, isn’t it? Leaves no room for any doubt whatsoever. For once, I have a feeling the Muslims have a valid case.

I don’t know if the Pope and the guys at the Vatican should be worried but it seems Osama has already ordered for a couple of brand new Boeing-747s to be delivered ASAP.

The Pope’s defense is that they were not his own words. He was only quoting someone else and would not have done it if he knew that it would create all this furore. I am sure that somewhere, Kavya Viswanathan is nodding her head understandingly.

But the Pope’s apology has failed to placate Muslim communities and there have been lots of violent protests being carried out worldwide. Today, the Pope was going – ‘ Sheesh……..I just said a few words…….it’s not as if I drew a cartoon or something……..’

M. Karunanidhi has been distributing free land and TVs and LPG stoves over the last few days dipping into the state’s finances to keep up his election promises. This sooooooo reminds me of the time Kevin Federline bought all his back-up dancer friends free beer using Britney’s credit card……

India’s UN candidate for the UN – Shashi Tharoor – has a supporter in Manmohan Singh. The PM said that Tharoor is a strong character who can pull his own weight if he was handed a position of responsibility. Hmmm…….too bad he can’t say the same thing about himself, isn’t it?

Popular British author JK Rowling has complained that airport security is too tight these days and its time consuming to get past all the checks. She has warned that if this continues, she might opt to go through terminal 9 3/4 at the Heathrow from now onwards……

An Iranian today became the world’s first private woman space tourist as a Russian rocket carrying a US-Russian crew lifted off the Baikonur space centre. Ironically, the rocket the Iranian woman is flying in is powered by nuclear fuel.

Sports. The Sunfeast Open has begun in Mumbai today. Get mentally prepared to hear the clichés ‘Sania Mania’ and the ‘Swiss Miss’ a few million times over the course of the next week.

A controversial new study by a University of Western Ontario psychologist has claimed that men are really more intelligent than women. Well, I dont know how accurate the study is, but I can say this much – At least Adam did NOT go and let a stupid snake talk him to eating an apple……..cant say the same thing about Eve, I am afraid.



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