Headlines : 19th September, Tuesday

It was a damp and sultry day in Chennai. People were sweating like Popeye opening a can of spinach.

That’s right. Federal health officials in the US are trying to pinpoint the source of an E. coli outbreak that’s sickened spinach eaters across the country. My own feeling is that if you are someone who is NOT in Abu Gharib and still eat spinach, then maybe the E.Coli isn’t your biggest problem here.

Btw, it looks as if the Pope might not be able to patch things up with the Muslims in spite of all his apologies. Hell, we can’t even get Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie to kiss and make-up, can we?

Muslim communities everywhere are not happy with the Pope’s pacifying words so far and want him to apologise further. Well…..the Pope asked for it…… I don’t know why he can’t just stop with trashing the Jews like other celebrities…….

The Pope doesn’t know what more he can do here. He indignantly asks –‘Do they actually want to me become a goddamn Muslim or something?!?’

Did you hear this? The Pope will soon be releasing his autobiography. It’s been titled – ‘In the Line of Fire’. Oops…..wait a minute……this is Pervez Musharraff’s book, not the Pope’s……. Hehehehehe

In his address to the global leaders, UN Sec-Gen Kofi Annan spoke about the widespread contempt for human rights and dignity, lack of freedom, conflict and pain – and he was not just talking about the situation faced by the 14,000 prisoners in secret prisons maintained by the US military worldwide.

At the UN General Assembly meeting, the Iranian President has said that he will be looking to steer clear of George Bush and stay as far away from him as possible. When she heard this, Angela Merkel was going –‘Good thinking dude…….’

How about this? While the Thai PM is attending the UN Assembly meeting, the opposition party and the armed forces have staged a coup and attempted to seize power in Bangkok. It’s true what they say…..nothing good ever comes out of getting involved with the UN.

There’s political trouble in Hungary too after the PM was caught on tape admitting to a local news channel that his government “lied morning, evening and night” about the economy. Its just a gut feeling I have………….but I think he will soon claim that those were not his own words and he was quoting someone else.

Manmohan Singh described his meeting with Fidel Castro as ‘most memorable and satisfying’. And why not? He got a brand new box of Cuban cigars as a parting gift from Castro.

This is sick. Anna Nicole Smith has made more than $300,000 by selling the last pictures of her dead son. And today, Steve Irwin’s parents were going – ‘Damn, no one told us we could do that!!!!……….’


One comment

  1. after 2 PMs, they are still not able to ascertain the cause of death. How can a 20 year old guy just die ?

    no drugs
    no foul play

    Did he die of shame?


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