30th September, Saturday : Quotable Quotes ?

It’s saturday and time for something a bit different.

You all know how people often say things that surprise us. Sometimes confuse us. Often amuse us. Here are some of the memorable lines I have come across in recent times when I was browsing the internet. I have provided the context as well the actual statement by the party involved. Hope you guys like it.

Situation # 1:

A haven for hookers and dopers on Orange County, California has been shut down by court order until Christmas weekend.
Quote by Detective Don Woods, who works for the Sheriff’s office – ” People went there for one purpose: to sell drugs and to prostitute.

Situation # 2:

Old Cowtown Museum’s rooster ‘Cogburn’ had apparently flown the coop. The Dominican rooster –named after a 1975 Western movie — was missing Wednesday, shortly after his high noon crowing.
Quote by Ed LeRoy, manager of special events for the museum – ” “We are in shock…………. He may have been feeling under threat.”

Situation # 3:

When the rare birds of paradise escaped from his suitcase and flew over the heads of U.S. Customs Agents at Los Angeles International Airport, Robert Cusack decided it was best to confess that, yes, he did have more to declare.
Actual quote by Robert – ” I have monkeys in my pants.

Situation # 4:

The number of scooter and moped thefts in Gainsville, Florida is on the rise. The police are reasonably sure who the culprits are.
Quote by Sergent Ray Barber – ” In many instances, groups of children – some as young as 12 – will get together to organise scooter-stealing sprees in the neighbourhood.

Situation # 5:

Emergency personnel were called to the Albertsons at Eubank, Nevada just before 8 p.m. after a man staggered in with a gunshot wound to his chest.
Key quote by a witness at the scene – “The victim pulled out that sword, and then the guy in the white shirt whipped out the revolver and shot him.

Situation # 6:

Boston University officials said that they have a new policy forbidding the use of swear words, racist and sexist comments at sports events.
Quote by Kendall Lyons, an 18-year-old sophomore who often takes part in the chants – “That’s terrible and an infringement on our freedom of speech. Sports won’t be fun anymore.”

Situation # 7:

The World Toilet Organization opened its annual summit on Wednesday, Sep. 6th, in Moscow.
Quote by Sir William Lawrence, the organizations founder – “People seem to laugh a bit when I tell them I’m chairman of the (British) Toilet Association, but then … they say ‘wait a minute, there’s a reason we need a toilet organization’.”

Situation # 8:

Taxi robbing teenager gets into shoot-out with police. He fired one shot and ran behind a building, only to be arrested by officers waiting for any escape attempt.
Quote by his sister to the police – “He’s a good kid…….He just has a problem with stealing cars.”



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