Headlines : 5th October, Thursday

Hi people. I know I haven’t blogged for a while now. But my excuse is that I didn’t recall having a blog till a few hours back. Honestly. Its now officially called ‘Condi-Rice dodge’ in political circles.

That’s right. Contrary to the claims of then-CIA chief George Tenet,warning her in 2001 of an impending al-Qaida attack in the United States, Rice says that she has no recollection of being briefed by him about this. Sure. Today Bush joined in and contended that he did not recall anyone telling him about New Orleans last year.

The White House has been rocked by the Mark Foley scandal. Foley apparently sent sexually explicit Instant Messages to former House pages who were teenagers. But he denied having any sexual contact with minors. Which is a lot more than most high school teachers in the US can claim……..

When reached for a comment, Michael Jackson said – “So Foley likes 16-year old boys is it? 16? So he likes them old and matured…………not my type at all….”

Manmohan meanwhile has sternly warned Pakistan that it had better ‘walk the talk’ with the terrorism issue. He also went on to ask them to ‘pull up their socks’ and ‘clean up their act’ or ‘face the music’ besides other clichés. I hope the Pakis are scared. Cause I am not.

India has given Pakistan a list of suspects involved in the 7-11 blasts. In return, Musharaff gave the Mumbai police a copy of his book – ‘In the line of fire’.

The Mumbai police claim to have solved the 7-11 blasts and identified all the people involved. Wow…….that’s impressive……..given that they are still arresting people for the ’93 blasts………..can we move on with that already??!!!

It’s the time for pull-outs apparently. Mahesh Bhupati has pulled out of next year’s Davis Cup. Younis Khan has pulled out of the Pakistan captaincy job. Saurav Ganguly has pulled out of this month’s Champions Trophy………….wait a minute……Saurav dada was dropped from the team, rather J

And Mahesh Bhupati just refuses to partner with Leander anymore. He is avoiding Paes as if he had the dengue or something…….

That’s right. Delhi is facing a spate of dengue cases all of a sudden. The Govt. has asked citizens not to panic over the dengue situation. But they can still panic over the economy, prices of petrol and the rampant terrorist activity.

Model-actress Katrina Kaif says she is surprised by the row, her knee length skirt she wore to the Moinuddin Chishti shrine, has created. What surprises her most is that the people at the temple actually want her skirt to be longer!!!. She’s never heard that before…….

Something to be proud about. India has been ranked No.1 in a survey conducted by Transparency International on its Global Bribe-Payers Index. Not to worry. We have discreetly sent a certain “amount” to Transparency International to get them to move our rank down a few notches.



  1. @boston : is there any doubt about what they were doing? 🙂

    @escape: i certainly hope not….the priests are not supposed to get THAT lucky.:)


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