8th October, Sunday : Clown of the Week # 5

I know that I haven’t been regular of late……but hopefully things will be different from now onwards.
So it’s Sunday and time for the coveted ‘Clown of the Week’ award again.

Without much ado, let me announce that the COTW award goes to…………..Harbhajan Singh.

The off spinner is one of the funniest characters on the cricket field and manages to keep you amused with his antics. The way he bats gives you the impression that he uses his brain as sparingly as possible. And he seems to carry a similar attitude towards his activities off the cricket field.

Consider this. Bhajji claims to be a devout Sikh. And then he goes and acts in an advertisement with his hair open, which is apparently a big deal for the Sikh community. They even have an organization that keeps track of these atrocities – the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SCGP). These guys are up in arms and Bhajji has been apologizing to all and sundry in a manner that would put the Pope to shame.

“If my action has hurt the Sikh community, then I feel sorry for it.I respect the emotions of Sikhs and I never knew it will snowball into such a big issue.” – says Bhajji.

Really? Then why did he act with his hair loose in a liquor advertisement, of all things? Did he really think that the dudes at the SCGP would be thrilled about it and send him a congratulatory note? Even by Bhajji’s lofty standards, this seems a considerable achievement.

And he manages to beat, Younis Khan, the other contender for this week’s award, hair down…..sorry hands down.

Way to go Bhajji bhai.



  1. It would have been funnier if the ad had been for shaving cream.

    Better would be to have him in a shampoo ad… what will those guys say ?


  2. “I never knew it will snowball into such a big issue” —

    I guess he thought that no one would want to notice him in the ads and just crap the other two jokers!

    Bajji people take notice of u after all! 🙂


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