Headlines : 9th October, Monday

The big news first. North Korea has successfully conducted an underground nuclear weapons test today morning. And Ahmedinijad was going- ‘Underground. Underground. Stupid me….why didn’t I think of THAT?’

The tests have evoked uniform international criticism. To give you an idea to what extent, the Japanese PM said that the tests were provocative and destabilizing the region and the CHINESE PRESIDENT SAID THAT HE AGREED WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, today, the Pope issued an angry statement that North Korea brought the world only evil things and Mel Gibson dismissed the Koreans of being worse than the Jews.

The question whether Mohammad Afzal should hanged or not has divided the entire nation. To be honest, we keep delaying the hanging and he is going to get the dengue sooner or later. What a waste……….what a waste.

That’s right. Dengue’s apparently killing everyone in North India and those who scramble down south are accounted for by Chickungunya. Am sure the visiting teams in town for the Champions Trophy are thrilled about this 😉

Did you hear about this? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got mobbed when they went on an auto rickshaw ride in Pune!!! This is soooooooo out of the blue. Since when did we become a country crazily obsessed with celebrities? I dint see that one coming…….

The latest buzz from Bihar is about Lalu unveiling a statue of Gandhi on a railway platform. But the Nitish Kumar government alleges that by unveiling a statue, Lalu has flouted an old directive from Nehru himself. If Nitish Kumar has his way, this could be the second time Gandhi finds himself chucked out of a railway station.

The commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan warned that the Afghans may switch their allegiance back to the Taliban due to the failure of the US to deliver on its promises. Forget the Afghans, looking at the job Bush is doing, it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of Americans start siding with the Taliban soon.

In a move that could have a major impact on internet users, Google Inc. is looking at acquiring YouTube. Unless, of course, you are Chinese. In which case, you can carry on fiddling around with your noodles and chopsticks………this doesn’t concern you.

Contradicting reports in the media, Raul Castro claims his brother Fidel is doing pretty good. To clarify, he meant ‘doing pretty good’ compared to Ariel Sharon. Otherwise, not so much.

Today, Bill Gates has pledged to give the Nigerian President millions of dollars in aid. That’s nice. But can someone please tell Mr. Gates about how to deal with mails you receive from unknown Nigerians?

Hear this. A bunch of Mexican fishermen managed to capture a 7.5-foot crocodile in a local river!! You know what, I think we might have been over-hyping Steve Irwin a bit. Snaring a huge croc…..not so tough afterall!!


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