Headlines : 11th October, Wednesday

Let’s see what’s happening…….there’s a corruption scandal in the air, explosives have been recovered from a Kashmiri temple, the Sensex is going nowhere, and Sania has lost in the first round of a tournament again. Or, in other words, just another normal day in India.

The corruption thing first. The CBI has filed a corruption case against George Fernandes in the purchase of Barak missile system from Israel in 2000. From Israel? Why Israel when North Korea is so much closer and reliable….

But Fernandes argues that he only did it after getting the approval of Abdul Kalam. Really? Kalam actually made a decision? Am not convinced…..look at how he is still dilly-dallying with the Afzal hanging thingy…

To top it, a letter traced back to 1999 confirms that President Abdul Kalam did NOT make the mistake of approving the missile deal. So, the only mistake Kalam has made so far is with his hairstyle……

Kiran Desai has won the UK’s leading literary award, the Man Booker Prize. That’s right. She’s won the MAN Booker prize……I don’t understand that one….just like I don’t get how people celebrate Oktoberfest in September…..

Semantics apart, she won the award for her novel – ‘The Inheritance of Loss’. Did you know that her mother, Anita Desai was herself nominated three times for the prize but never won? That kinda explains the title of her book, doesn’t it? :- ))

This is unbelievable. Did you know that Moh’d Azharuddin is among the Indian captains invited for the BCCI’s felicitation function next month? What next? Nominating Manoj Prabhakar and Ajay Jadeja for a Khel Ratna??

Let’s see what else is on. The Hamas still hates the Israelis; the Pakistanis are still bombing Kashmir, and most countries are against North Korea’s defiant stance. If its any consolation, at least Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie have ended their feud and are friends again……

The North Korean crisis. George Bush today made it clear that the US has absolutely no intention of invading N.Korea. You know why? ‘Cause unlike Iraq, he KNOWS that the Koreans actually have some damn WMDs. The US might get its ass kicked if it goes ahead with an invasion.

Apparently, the Chinese are also fast losing patience with North Korea over the nuclear weapon testing issue. Today, the Chinese PM was spotted yelling ‘Don’t make come over there’ at the Koreans from his side of the Great Wall.

A new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that for children to be healthy, they need to spend more time playing outside rather than sit in front of a computer. Well duh!!………why do you need that study?……Congressman Foley has made sure everyone realizes that by now.

In related news, House Speaker Dennis Hastert is not sure whether he should resign or not following the Mark Foley scandal. But according to a CNN Poll released today, about half the Americans who took part in the poll believe that he should resign his post and half think he shouldn’t. Hopefully this kind of a clear signal should help him in making the final decision : – )

A strange story. A woman in the US now wants to ‘unadopt‘ her boy after learning about his troubled past with young girls. But enough about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie………


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