The Month that was…… : Part 1

Hi people. Back after a long time. A month in fact. Am hoping to regular as usual from now on. And thanks to everyone who visited the blog even during the idle period. Lets start with a quick summary the key events that took place in the course of the last month.The important stuff first….

Its official. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married last week. At the altar, Tom promised Katie that he would always always love her and take care of her till the end of time. So I guess he has begun working on Mission Impossible 4 already……

More importantly, Britney and K-Fed are over. After 2 years, Kevin Federline has been unceremoniously chucked out of the house, leaving his very future in doubt. Much like the Republicans…….

Its a bitter divorce, as expected. K-Fed is now threatening to release tapes of their honeymoon to the public if she doesn’t pay up. Wow…..I cant believe I am saying this, but maybe there WAS something we could all have learnt from Paris Hilton’s life afterall…….

Branjelina update. The shooting of her movie has been constantly hampered by one incident after another. In fact, three of her bodyguards even got arrested for shoving and pushing some children at a shooting spot. Apparently, they lost their cool after they were taunted repeatedly by the kids who kept insisting that they were too big and fat to have been adopted by Jolie…..

Given all the stoppages and delays, Jolie is actually considering dropping the current film and shooting a sequel for ‘Girl, Interrupted’ instead.

And after seeing Madonna’s fate, Jolie is reconsidering her decision to adopt someone from India. She was earlier looking at kids who had been abandoned and ignored by the society and in dire need of help. Oh man !!!……there goes Ganguly’s last hope……

The Champions Trophy. As expected, Australia brushed aside the Windies on the pitch and Sharad Powar off the dias to get their hands on the elusive trophy for the first time.

This became a big controversy. Damien Martyn and Ricky Ponting literally pushed Sharad Pawar off the stage and snatched the trophy from him due to their impatience. They later argued that Pawar was spending too much time on stage and delaying their celebrations. Really? A petty politician trying desperately to grab the spotlight through whichever lousy means available? I dont think I have heard of that happening before……. : – )

As far as I know, he was the last politician to leave the centre-stage in such disgrace since….. Donald Rumsfeld after the mid-term elections.

The Chinese premier Hu Jintao is on his maiden visit to India. Today, he visited the Taj Mahal and to nobody’s surprise, went on to claim that it rightfully belonged to China!!

Did you hear about that? A week before the trip, the Chinese made a few statements claiming that the whole of Arunachal Pradesh belonged to them !!!! And you thought the Pakistani’s were being unreasonable about Kashmir………

Meanwhile, President Bush completed a 8-day tour of Asia including China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Russia. At the end of the trip, he said the tour was fine but he would also like to visit the Orient one day.


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