The Month that was……: Part 2

[Editor’s Note: Although I promised to be regular henceforth, I know there was no update in the last two days :-))
In my defense, I was away in Madurai, at the Meenakshi temple attending the Abhishek Bachan – Aishwarya Rai wedding the never took place.]

Alright. Let’s get on with the real news…..

Cricket. Here’s an irony. Darrell Hair got sacked for his role in the Oval test controversy. And the bowlers he accused of ball tampering, Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif, also got themselves banned for doping malpractices. All three are now taking a well deserved vacation in the Maldives together…..

Darrell Hair was also accused of being a racist, something he firmly denies. ‘Who do you think I am? Michael Richards?’ he retorted to the press.

Indeed!! Seinfeld legend Michael Richards made people sit up in consternation when doing his stand-up routine at a night club, by liberally using the N word at a couple of black hecklers. He later apologized for his outburst and, not surprisingly, blamed the whole thing on Newman.

The people at the Comedy Club remarked that the only other time there was such an uneasy silence in the audience was when John Kerry made his debut as a stand-up comic last month.

That’s right. John Kerry got into trouble when he botched up a joke on Iraq during a campaign speech. You see, this is one problem George Bush never had. People are always rolling with laughter whenever he opens his mouth.

To be precise, John Kerry joked that if the youngsters in the country didn’t study properly and ignored their education, they might end up getting stuck in Iraq !! He also added that given the present administration’s lack of an exit strategy, the only way they could get out would be if Madonna adopted them.

Understandably, Kerry says its time to move on. The joke is in the past and its time the American public focused on the really important issues, he said. Like whether Daniel Craig is any good as the new James Bond or not.

The answer to which is Yes. Daniel Craig convincingly portrays the role of a government agent with a penchant for violence and a license to kill. Or, as the Americans fondly call him, Dick Cheney.

Jokes apart, Daniel Craig is quite impressive in the action scenes and like his predecessors, has a pretty good time with ladies. A pity that the only Englishman who is scoring and in good form, is not playing in the Ashes series.

In what is expected to be an extremely one-sided series, no one is giving the English team a chance against Australia. Forget an actual match, England can’t win even if the game was only played on a PlayStation 3.

No kidding!…..The Sony PlayStation 3 is finally out in the market. That’s just more bad news for Microsoft. They now are struggling to keep track of which is doing worse – the Xbox or the Zune mp3 player.

And the new PS 3 is a big hit already. There are long queues outside Circuit City and Best Buy stretching for several blocks!! To everyone’s amusement, Kevin Federline was spotted among those waiting in the line. When reporters asked him what the hell was he doing there, he explained – ‘Am just standin in the bread line ma man, like all these other homeless people……’

(The final part will be posted tommorrow….)



  1. I suggest you watch Keith Olberman’s reponse to the Bush resposne to the Kerry speach :-).

    The VDO was even more hilarious that my sentence.


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